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Advertising Blurbs

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    Your whole life you’ve blown things up; now it's time to put it all together. After a hard day, is it noise, pressure, haste and tension you want? Or would you rather come home to Harmony—a game that challenges you to relax and rewards you for staying calm? Go ahead: Weigh the possibilities, think clearly, then move with precision, even grace. The Game of Harmony. Designed by The Assembly Line.

    • You are a single spinning sphere, gliding through a world of moving puzzles, multi-colored orbs, appealing sounds and pulsating energy—50 different levels in all. Your goal? Bring like-colored spheres together for points before they explode with tension.

    • Choose the clock—or no clock at all. 50 unique configurations, 50 unique “problems.” Find the pattern, the “elegant” solution, to the seemingly random placement of spheres and shapes. Exercise your mind as well as your fingers.

    • Two players can work together to combine the spheres. The calmer you are, the farther you go.

    • Bonus rounds give you a chance to gain points before you continue on with higher levels, deeper challenges.

    • Hours and hours of engaging challenges— at your pace, with your touch, in your way.

    Contributed by Macintrash (2643) on May 10, 2000.