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The Human Race Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

The title screen
The game is about to start. Level 1 ia 1,000,000 years BC. This screen is redisplayed whenever the player loses one of their three lives with the number of lives decreasing at each showing
Leaping through the trees. The lower bananas are tough - the player must escape to the trees to avoid patrolling dinosaurs
Game Over. It is surprising how quickly the lives just disappear
The start of lavel 2 - 100,000 years ago
Level 2. The player must negotiate the grey path while avoiding falling fireballs. The areas with diagonal stripes are moving pathways. Leave the path or get hit and the player gets roasted
The start of level three, just 50,000 years BC.
Rapid movement of the joystick is needed to log roll the player across to the cave. The crocodiles don't knock the player off the log, instead they slowly eat it.
The start of level 4, only 25,000 years BC. The clues on these start pages are actually helpful, not a lot but just enough
The aim of this level is to get to the exit but colour of the tiles that the player cannot step on changes