Into the Eagle's Nest Ad Blurbs (Commodore 64)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover:

    DATE: March 8, 1945 TIME: 12:43
    ISSUED BY: Army Intelligence, 9th Division

    BRIEFING: Three allied saboteurs have been captured and are being held in the Eagle's Nest, the top secret Nazi fortress. Intelligence indicates troops massing in the area.

    ORDERS: Penetrate the Eagle's Nest. Rescue captives before they break. Destroy Eagle's Nest using hidden explosive caches. In process, save as many art treasures from destruction as possible. Good luck.

    That's the job. Three fellow soldiers depend on you for their lives. Countless others may die if the fortress stands. A large cargo truck draws near. Seconds later you are under the canvas between boxes of ammo. You hear tires crunch on gravel then on stone and finally onto wooden planks. You just entered the Eagle's Nest...and you have just embarked on the challenge of your life.

  • High-resolution full-scrolling graphics
  • Eight challenging levels
  • Action, danger, excitement, and surprises
  • A chance to be a real hero
  • An exciting historical scenario

    Contributed by Demian Katz (2316) on May 03, 2004.

Advertisement in COMPUTE!, September 1987:

    Will this be your last mission?

    Everybody wants to be a hero. But in this case, you can't be blamed for having second thoughts.

    The Nazi's castle fortress, code name: Eagle's Nest, is filled with art treasures, hundreds of elite troopers, and three allied saboteurs who failed to finish the mission you're about to begin.

    Mindscape's Into the Eagle's Nest is no ordinary mission. No ordinary game. Top-down scrolling graphics seem so real you'll feel like you're standing in an arcade.

    Experience the action, danger, and excitement of World War II. Penetrate the fortress. Rescue the captives. Recover stolen treasures. Then destroy the Eagle's Nest.

    You're in this one alone.

    May good luck and exceptional aim be your closest allies.

    Mindscape takes the arcade home.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Oct 17, 2001.