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Klemens Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Start up location
Bouncing ball and a frog ahead
Land of birds
Hostile creature killed
Lower level passage
On the mushroom
Energy power up
Rising from the ground skeleton
Sky platforms
Bottom level reached
This wall is to high to jump on it
Fast piranha above
Holes with spikes
Sky tower above
Dynamite found
Heading to the underground level
in the cellar
Rat and Bird
Worm is comming
Columns chamber
Bouncing balls
High tower entrance
Climbing to the top of the tower
Surrounded by hostile animals
Pig watching the power up potion
First twin brother found
Above the abyss
Time to move down
Narrow passage
Bird blocking the corridor
Jumping on the bird
Spiked ground
No way to jump on this platform
Road sign leads to another brother
So this is the end of the labyrinth?
Falling down
Reached bottom left corner of the map
Spiked ahead
High steps with spiked holes
Another twin brother spotted
Vicious pig above
Bottom right part of the map
Skeleton came out of the ground
Fast flying bee watching the dynamite
Sign to the green brother
Temporary immortality shield
Power ups chamber