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Kolony is a turn-based strategy game, putting the player in the position of a governor of a colony on a distant planet. The goal of the game is to accumulate 100 million of currency within 10 years. The game is divided into turns, with each turn representing a single month.

Main source of money is excavating and selling natural resources (silicon, iron, uranium, food) to merchant ships which arrive every few turns. In order to excavate a resource, the player must first send expeditions of colonists and scientists until a mine is found. Excavating a resource requires the presence of miner robots, human colonists to direct them, and electricity. Electric power is created by generators, which use up some uranium each turn.

Building new structures (warehouses, residences for the staff, factories, landing sites for merchant ships) requires spending resources, and takes some electric power too. Once a factory is constructed, the player can produce machines such as robots and generators, though this requires staff, time and electric power as well.

Food is gathered from fields; the more colonists are assigned to the fields, the more food is harvested every six months. New staff can be recruited from arriving merchant ships.

The players (if there is more than one) can attack each other, but have to build up an army first, consisting of starfighters, battle robots and soldiers.


Kolony Commodore 64 Random encounter - enemy fleet attack
Kolony Commodore 64 Random encounter - beast attack
Kolony Commodore 64 Expedition report
Kolony Commodore 64 Army status

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The game was written in Turbo Basic. A direct inspiration for it was a strategy game called Baron.

The development was full of problems, mainly due to limited RAM memory. The messy, unordered source code is a memento of this.

The game's title is the result of an error; originally, it was supposed to be called Colony, but the author messed up while hastily drawing the title screen image and realized only after it was too late (and back then, there was no such thing as an "Undo" function which is now taken for granted).

Originally, the game was being sold privately by the author, in a floppy disk version; only later on did Mirage Software acquire the game for distribution.


An improved version was to be released, containing a couple of cosmetic changes, such as a game clock that measured hours spend with the game. The version went missing somewhere though.

The ending of the game promises a sequel, Planet Magnat. It was to contain far more features, such as researching new robots and weapons, a complex society structure, trading with other colonies, and actual graphics. It never saw the light of day, except for a couple of graphics. The author mentioned in a 2007 interview that he would be glad to find the funds to release an up-to-date version of the game for the PC, complete with 3D graphics and net play.

The game has later seen a 2009 fan remake, Kolony 2106. There is also a browser-based MMO version, Kolony Online.
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