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Written by  :  Ken0x (62)
Written on  :  Jan 04, 2005
Platform  :  Commodore 64
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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It oozes ninja coolness

The Good

I remember getting this for xmas when I was a kid - I got a special edition one, complete with ninja mask and shuriken! I was a hit at all the fancy dress parties that year ;)

Possibly one of the most atmospheric 64 games ever - everything about it is slickly done especially the music and level designs. Imaginative puzzles - though many people found them frustrating. The mixture of beat em up and puzzle elements has never been done better to my knowledge. I disagree with the previous reviewer, this game harks back to a time when games were TOUGH, watching videos of the game is no way to experience it. Get a good guide for it and only refer to it when you are absolutely stuck!

The Bad

Instant deaths could be very annoying, and the difficulty level may be too much for some, but other than that I cant fault it.

The Bottom Line

A stylish blend of a beat-em up with puzzles