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    It's really very simple: you get pieces of different sizes and shapes. Then you have to fit them together to form complete loops. It's so simple, in fact, that most people can easily finish their session in ... oh ... five to ten hours.

    But by then you're addicted.


    • Three enthralling one-player games
    • Two two-player games involving strategy
    • Ten tortuous levels
    • Two bonus games

    Loopz will tie you up in knots.

    Contributed by Abuebao (31) on Mar 21, 2014.

    June 29, 2004

    For immediate release:

    ROCHESTER, MN -- After years of being in a holding pattern, Loopz is finally making a landing on the Atari Lynx. Songbird Productions recently scooped up the rights to this game after several years of negotiations with Audiogenic Software Ltd. and Hand Made Software.

    Loopz is the captivating puzzle game which has been published in at least a dozen different formats. The premise is simple: get pieces, drop them on the screen, and form closed "loopz" to clear the screen. The bigger the loopz, the bigger the points. The three game variations included are Chain Loopz, Target Loopz, and Match Loopz, each with their own twist on the basic game. Players can also watch for "gophers" which appear occasionally to help clear incomplete loopz from the screen.

    Peter Calver, Managing Director of Audiogenic, was happy to work with Songbird on licensing this release: "I'm thrilled that at last Lynx owners will finally be able to play this highly addictive game!". Songbird founder Carl Forhan was equally pleased, saying, "This is a game many fans have heard about and maybe even played a few times over the years. I'm glad Songbird can finally give this game the proper publication it deserves."

    Songbird expects to have the game ready for release at Classic Gaming Expo in San Jose this August. For details about CGE, please visit .

    Songbird Productions is a premier developer and publisher for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at . All rights reserved. This message may be reprinted in its entirety.

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