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Madrax Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Title screen
Beginning of the game
Beware of tossed balls, badguy!
Setting up a bomb
A magnificent somersault
Finally, a change of scenery
A dark room, watch out for invisible spikes
Some undead baddies
Enemy killed
Extra stones
Climbing the ladder
Doors to another location
Welcome committee
Extra bombs
No passage here
Dead end
Ladder missing rung
This will take some energy
Wrong ladder selected
Using the sword
Plant guarding the passage
Have to go back, again
Extra energy
Trapped in the shaft
Unpleasant surprise after the change of the board
Jump or not? This may be way with no return
Narrow passage with the bat
Idol on the top floor - I You may see, there is no way to see it!
Heading west
Green part of the maze
Duel for the stones
Bird incoming
Spiked wall
Jumping over spiked hole
One on two
Carrying part of the ladder
Doors above
This will hurt!
Dead end