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Mafia Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Your character's stats: strength, intelligence, brutality, energy and money
Main menu: view your stats, walk around the town, start a gang war, end turn
Your points, rank, vehicle, alcohol and "income"
Behold Chicago - from this screen you can enter all the different buildings
A bank
You can rob the bank or sneak in at night
Trying to open the safe
I didn't succeed and now the cops are here
A store
Store options
At the subway
You can pickpocket the people right here or within the subway car
The weapon dealer
You should buy a pistol right away
From Eddie you can buy false money and fake IDs
A bar
In bars you can trade alcohol, hire gang-members, get hints about upcomming crimes or get different jobs
Working as a bouncer, no one mins if you use your gun...
Accepting a job as a killer
Found the target
The car dealer
Buying a car
Gained a rank
With a higher rank you get more lucrative jobs
At the police station
Caught by the cops - bribe them, try to escape or surrender