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Maniac Mansion Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The mansion!
The titles in the opening sequence
The game begins here...
Sneaking into the mansion...
A cut scene...
Yikes, the kitchen!
Some useful items on the shelf?
Hello, green tentacle!
Razor explores the mansion
Uh oh, Weird Ed is leaving his room to go get some food...
Bernard, stuck in the dungeon
Mark Eteer, the head of the Three Guys Who Will Publish Anything, in a cutscene.
In the main hall.
In the dinning room.
The second floor.
On the third floor.
In Dr. Fred's room.
In green tentacle's room.
Hi! I'm Dave!
A cutscene with Weird Ed and Edna.
In the attic.
In the library.
Nice old radio.
A reactor in the basement?
Pictures of Dr. Fred and Edna on the wall.
In the Rec room.
Watching an ad on TV.
Near the pool.
The garage.
The load/save game menu.
Medical room.
Video game room.
Dark room for photo development.
Cutscene: It's planet earth.
Cutscene: The Meteor Police.
Cameo of a Jaggi from another Lucasfilm Game - Rescue on Fractalus!
Launching an Edsel into orbit.
Bottom of the pool.
Door to the secret lab.
A radiation suit.