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Metal Warrior 4: Agents of Metal Credits

50 people (48 developers, 2 thanks)


Agent conceptLionel Gendre, Lasse Öörni
ProgrammingLasse Öörni
GraphicsLasse Öörni
SoundLasse Öörni
Additional programmingPer Olofsson, Wolfram Sang, Christoph Thelen (diskdrive code), Magnus Lind (Exomizer)
MusicHarri Ahola, Lionel Gendre, Paavo Härkönen, Juha Jaakkola, Anssi Jääskeläinen, Antti Kivilahti, Bas Kooy, Juho Kotila, Dennis Mott, Daniel Wuis, Lasse Öörni

Thanks for Agent Evidence

BetatestingMat Allen, Richard Bayliss, Roman Chlebec, Jörg Dröge, Michael Durrer, Mathieu Faes, Andrew Fisher, Johan Forslöf, Lionel Gendre, Paavo Härkönen, Johan Ijzerman, Milo Mundt, Karl-Johan Nilsson, Simon Quernhorst, Laze Ristoski, Luigi Vicari
Fastloaders/drivecodingMarko Makela, Krzysztof Matula, Magnus Lind, Nathan Smith, Gunnar Ruthenberg, Kovacs Balazs, Wolfram Sang, Christoph Thelen
SuperCPU programmingStefan Gutsch
Extra RAM programmingWolfram Sang
Discussions & suggestionsBrian Bagnall, Richard Bayliss, Jan Böttcher, Roman Chlebec, Jörg Dröge, Michael Durrer, Paavo Härkönen, Jason Kelk, Kalle Niemitalo, Olli Niemitalo, many more
Primary Agent inspirationAgent Steel [the band], Deus Ex [the game]
The composers of the music in this game come fromthe 'tracked metalscene', see
Special thanks toall betatesters, without whom many infernal bugs would have remained.
Greetings toall C64 users, sceners, artists & webmasters etc. You rule the world!

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