Midway Campaign Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

Game start - TaskForce 16-17 North East of Midway
1200 Noon June 3rd forces/units
Setup CAP combat air patrol for carriers and Midway
Move TF into Northern position early morning June 4th
Arm all aircraft for action on carriers and Midway to launch at first light
Early morning we stumble into the JCarrier fleet out of range of Midway
Yorktown is sunk - Launch a full air attack with Enterprise and Hornet
JCarriers are caught off guard - Akagi & Kaga blows up and sink
Both carrier Task Forces are toe to toe
All planes return to Enterprise and Hornet
Secondary explosions sink the Soryu - 3 down 1 to go
Planes refueled and armed - Launch another full strike from Enterprise/Hornet on the last JCarrier Hiryu
Planes find the target - Hiryu blows up and sinks
All planes return to Enterprise and Hornet
Game end - US Victory - only lost the Yorktown & Midway was untouched