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Back Cover:

    (Not all Top Guns fly on air)

    The Patrol Hydrofoil Missilecraft. Warship of the jet age. So agile, enemy radar mistakes it for a low-flying helicopter. So fast, the enemy has only minutes to react. So deadly, there is no second chance.

    The Need for Speed…
    Your search helicopter spots the Soviet-built Nanuchka missile corvette charging across the “Line of Death.” You’re foilborne and closing in at 50 knots. Guns blazing, you lock on and launch a Harpoon guided missile. Through the water spouts of his near misses, you see him explode in flames. Another mission accomplished.

    A Commanding Simulation…
  • Authentic speed and handling characteristics of three different NATO ally hydrofoils; U.S., Italian and Israeli.
  • Advanced instrumentation and weapons systems include: 76mm water cooled naval gun, Harpoon and Gabriel guided missiles, rapid blooming chaff and radar indicator.
  • 8 real-life missions in today’s danger zones like the Persian Gulf, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Gulf of Sidra.
  • Full control of search helicopters and convoy ships.
  • On-screen maps for operations planning and support placement.
  • Time compression speeds action up to 128x normal.
  • Life-like 3-D solid-fill color graphics.
  • Comprehensive operations manual includes mission briefings and enemy vessel spotter cards.
  • Technical consultant: PHM Commander Vern Salisbury, Chief, Hydrofoil Test Groups, Boeing Marine systems.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Nov 19, 2002.