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Atari 50

Pool of Radiance Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Game title screen.
Automated demo highlights landmarks in the town of Phlan.
Character editor screen
Receiving commission from city council.
Surprised by orcs.
A random battle in progress
Treasure found after winning a battle.
At the entrance to the Slums.
A fight with a "class" of training goblins begins!
A piece of advice from an orc patrol leader.
A filthy stable in the Slums.
A game of chance in a tavern.
Asshole drunkies in a tavern!
Some hobgoblins are due to be relieved of their gold.
These hobgoblins are drifting into Dreamland...and then into Deadland.
Some orcs receive an "Eviction Notice".
In the Training Hall.
The Cleric Joel is about to attain a higher Level of Experience.
The "Rouge" Jakobi is about rise to a higher Level of Experience.