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Quo Vadis Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Starting a new game. The rope ladder leads down to the caverns.
Falling off the starting rope ladder leads straight to a lava pit, instantly killing you.
You only have one life, so a lava pit death means game over.
Standing between these thin bars will protect you from monsters.
Entering into the caverns, I encounter flying bugs which will home in on you and reduce your health.
Treasure chests will replenish your health. You can tell I am low on health by my character's purple color.
Crossing these lava pit traps takes perfect timing. One misstep and it's game over.
Another rope ladder leads deeper into the caverns.
Badly injured from flying bug, the green color indicates I'm close to death.
Snakes will chase you and spit fire.
Chased through a rough cavern, the snakes finally defeat me.