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Advertising Blurbs

Advert in Zzap! (Issue 2 June 85 p88/89) – UK:


    Now YOU can fly with the legendary Red Arrows - in the most challenging flight simulation ever!

    It's the most exciting flight simulator ever written for a home computer - the product of many months of dedicated work by some of Britain's top programmers, enthusiastically aided by the talents of aircraft designers, engineers, mathematicians - and the Red Arrow pilots themselves.
    Every ounce of power contained in the micro, and its enhanced sound and graphics capabilities is used to give the utmost realism to re-creating the most spectacular aeronautical displays ever seen in the skies of Britain.
    You start by practising take offs and landings. Then, once you have won your wings, you fly in formation as part of the Red Arrows team. There's no margin for error as you fly a mere six to 10 feet from each other - at speeds of between 300 and 350 miles an hour!
    But the real drama begins as you plunge into the death-defying manoeuvres that have been thrilling crowds at air shows for the last 21 years.
    On the panel in front of you are all the instruments you need - plus a screen giving you an external view of the complete formation you are flying. Slip out of line for a second and the eagle-eyed Red Leader will be on the radio ordering you back into position.
    The program comes with a detailed flight handbook that will soon give you the confidence to take YOUR place alongside the ace pilots of the Red Arrows, even if you've never flown before!

    This is just one of the intricate manoeuvres you will be able to carry out with this program.

    Put yourself in the pilot's seat of the most manoeuvrable fighter in the RAF!

    A gripping, realistic computer simulation for the

    BBC Micro

    Be a VIP visitor with the Red Arrows!

    Everyone who buys a Red Arrow computer program will be limited to enter an exciting competition. The winners will be given a VIP visit to the Red Arrows base at RAF Scampton, the wartime home of the Dambusters. Your visit will include two nights accommodation at a luxury hotel. And while you are at Scampton you will be invited to sit at the controls of a Hawk. There will even be a flypast of the Red Arrows in your honour!

    Contributed by FatherJack (62736) on Mar 15, 2015.