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Red Heat Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen featuring Schwarzenegger and Belushi.
Main title.
No clothes allowed in the Russian sauna.
Later in the first level. The Red heat logo turns red and yellow as you advance.
A bonus game. Wiggle your joystick to crush the stone.
The hospital level, where the Cleanheads have just eliminated a key witness.
More villains occasionally pop out of doors and windows.
Another bonus game inspired by the movie. You must assemble a hundred dollar bill.
The motel shootout. These damn villains won't even give Danko the time to put some clothes on!
Found a gun and using it.
Another bonus game. This time it's a shooting gallery.
Fourth and last bonus game.
A brawl at the bus depot.
When the background flashes green like this, Danko will temporarily beat his foes automatically. The smarter ones might crouch to avoid him, though.