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Seas of Blood Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Starting location - on the Banshee's deck
Stats screen
Engaged in ship-to-ship combat!
A peculiar tip shared while looting its wreck
Ashore, looking out at my vessel. Ain't she a beaut?
Hand-to-hand combat underwater against a vicious Krell! It's probably for the best Alan Cox moved along from graphics to coding.
The Banshee's treasure-hold fills up slowly but surely.
Shore leave! Hello, sailor!
Adventure is to be found in many exotic locations ashore also.
Didn't someone tell me this earlier?
From Sinbad to me (to Space Quest 4) -- I guess that's why it was marked on the map as "Roc Island"!
I'm the king of the world!
Circe strikes! Fortunately, I take my time to chew and savour each morsel.
The glorious vista from your final destination... curiously, indicating a palette-shifted iceberg. Just what /is/ that thing supposed to be, anyway?
A bit confused, upon losing ship combat the game first tells you that you have plundered your enemy then tells you that you are dead. Cold comfort!