Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative Credits

Micromosaics Productions, Inc.

PresidentLary Rosenblatt
Software DesignerMark Sutton-Smith, Alain Benzaken
Text and StoryDiane Duane
Apple Software DesignerWaren Tucker
ArtistJosie Koehne
Commodore Software DesignerSonam Gyato


Cover and book designEllen Rongstad (Artdepartment Design Studio)
Cover and color illustrationsHovik Dilakian
Black‑and‑white illustrationsDaniel Pelavin
IBM WindowsVSI Window Machine, Amber Systems Inc.
The Kobayashi Alternative is dedicated toGreg Thometz, We have been, and will be, his friends. We are grateful for that. Live long, and prosper

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