Starflight Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Star base
Your mission
Creating and training crew-members
Configuring your ship
Buying minerals
Traveling through space, near a sun
Scanning a planet
Orbiting a new planet.
A Veloxi drone.
The Spemin - Ugly, stupid, and annoying blobs.
Landed on an ice planet.
The Star ship Enterprise from Star Trek makes a cameo appearance!
Landing succesful.
Scanned the planet's surface.
The Uhlek, they gloat first, shoot and then ask questions later.
The Veloxi.
An android.
Our ship is under attack!
Reward for recommending a planet to colonize.
Found an ancient message on a planet.
The Elowan, peaceful planet people.
A Nomad probe.
What are these things?
Talking with a Thyrn.
The City of the Ancients.