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Commodore Format (Oct, 1992)
You whizz along, shooting things and enjoying the graphics, then, er, you go round a corner and do it some more. Not a bad little game, but it won't grasp your belt loops and force porridge through them in remembrance of the Spanish Civil War.
Commodore Format (Feb, 1991)
If you were a fan of the coin-op - and there were plenty of those - you should take a look. If on the other hand (like me) you weren't that keen, there are far better race and blast games up for grabs out there.
Zzap! (Feb, 1991)
You've done some Hard Drivin', but have you tried 900mph speed racing in the 21st century's Spread Tunnel Underground Network Runner? Taking on all contenders and the tightest of time limits you race through the 24 tunnel networks, the twists and turns getting wilder and crazier with each new level. The Runner is initially unarmed but progression sees wing pods added and lasers for disposing of annoying drones and mag cycles that can slow you down. Avoid the armoured drones though; they're indestructible.
The low speed of the program makes it pretty to look at but numbingly boring to play. STUN Runner on the C64 is a waste of disk space.
Power Play (Mar, 1991)
Ich kann mir nicht helfen, aber Stun Runner geht jeglicher Witz ab: Der genervte Spieler rutscht mit einer Art schaumgebremsten Isetta über Glatteis, drückt dann und wann lustlos den Feuerknopf und versucht krampfhaft, nicht einzudösen. Legt man das Gefährt falsch in die Kurve (die man natürlich vorher nicht sehen kann), steuert sich die Kiste wie auf einer Meile Sandpapier. Auf dem Amiga ist Stun Runner so langsam, als liefe das Spiel in Zeitlupe, auf dem C 64 fühlt man sich an die ersten Sprite-Experimente von 1985 erinnert. Die Rasanz des Automatenvorbildes wird nicht annähernd erreicht.
The programmer has completely forsaken polygon graphics (which the C64 wouldn't be capable of handling) for a jerky, flickery sprite look. Devoid of any redeeming features whatsoever, STUN Runner is a total travesty that all C64 owners should avoid like the plague.