Tales of the Unknown: Volume I - The Bard's Tale Credits


GraphicsDavid Lowery
MusicLawrence Holland
Level DesignBrian Fargo
ProgrammingRebecca Ann Heineman
PlaytestersCaren Edelstein, Jayesh J. Patel, Philip Ybarra, Ayman Adham, Carl Ybarra, Mike Easting
Manual (Original)Michael Cranford, Bing Gordon
Manual Illustrations byAvril Harrison
Manual (German Translation)Heinrich Lenhardt
Game ConceptMichael Cranford
DesignMichael Cranford
Program DesignMichael Cranford
Scenario DesignMichael Cranford, Brian Fargo
Additional DesignRoe R. Adams III
ProducerJoe Ybarra
Package and Manual CopyMichael Cranford, Bing Gordon
Author and Screen PhotographyFrank Wing
PhotographyKit Morris
Package DesignMichael LaBash
Package Design (European version)Grapplegroup Ltd.
Cover PaintingEric Joyner
Map ArtDon Carson
C64 ProgrammingMichael Cranford
Amiga ProgrammingTroy P. Worrell
IBM ProgrammingMichael Quarles
IllustrationsTodd J. Camasta
Music  David Warhol
Data CompressionJayesh J. Patel
Additional TestingTom Norwood

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terrence Bosky (5463) and formercontrib (159455)