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Terry's Big Adventure Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Terry runs across the screen
Scene 01
Terry throwing his ball at an enemy
Terry is furious that you cost him one of his lives
Get the Y. It's one of the letters in the word TERRY
If you get all the letters, you become invincible for a few seconds
There's the exit
Between levels, you'll play a bonus game
Scene 02
On a moving platform
Toadstools are hazardous to Terry's health
Avoid the boulders
Scene 03
Scene 04
Terry wouldn't want to be struck by lightning, would he?
These green areas are trampolines for these little stars to play on
The carrot is ALIVE!
Looks like the carrot isn't fond of getting hit
Scene 06
These birds move diagonally in all directions
A locked door
The arrow is telling you to go down the hole
Scene 07