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Macintosh version

Main menu
Red Army Training - game start
Target practice
Captured German
German tanks roll over your trench position
Picking off Germans closing on our position
Planting explosives to destroy the building the Germans occupy
Demolition of the building
Repairing the telephone wire under fire
Using the radio station
Crawling through an elevated pipe in the Stalingrad railroad station mission noticing heavy bombers flying over
Stalingrad railroad station mission elevated pipe ambush German armored car below
Fortress Stalingrad
Using a heavy machine gun suppressing German forces they role in a tank on me - take cover!
Barely escaped before the tank destroys my machine gun position
Using artillery to suppress forces advancing on our position
Suppressing German forces advancing on us with heavy machine gun
Using binoculars to call in artillery strikes of advancing German tanks
Artillery strikes in distance on German tanks as allied tanks arrive
Advancing on German trenches using tanks for cover
Plane going down over head as we advance to our target
Entering the town under attack
Advancing taking out coastal guns
Objective reached and a bombardment begins
Flanking a German machine gun nest
Sniper has squad pinned down preparing to shoot the enemy sniper. He is in the distant window wearing white snow camouflage.
Fire fight destroying ammo depot
Destroying ammo depot charges set
Ammo depot destroyed

Windows version

Interrogation of German soldier.
Ruined city of Stalingrad.
There is no health indicator. You're bleeding when you're wounded.
Our comrade is dead.
Blowing up German headquarters.
Enemy grenade killed our comrade.
Sniper rifle (Zoom).
Enemy tank destroyed.
Marching to railroad station.
Neutralizing the enemy hard point.
Killing Flak Gun crew.
Fighting in Egyptian city of El Daba.
Our hero gives a signal to a naval artillery.
Bullet in a head.
A tank ride.
Shooting to enemy truck.
Smoke grenades gives a good cover.
The AA-Gun.
Don't shoot!
Convoy ambushed by the German troops.
German truck.
Beware of MG42.
Bombarding enemy positions.
You must defend the crossroads.
Invasion in Normandy has just begun.
Secure the village of Beltot.
Direct hit!
Crossing the Rhine.
Sniper rifle.
Classic D-Day situation
Climbing the rope.
Placing an explosive.
Bunker interior
Bunker gun
Choosing my load out in multiplayer.
Got one.
Totally epic death.
Doing some damage to the enemy team with an MG42.
Spectator mode.
My death caught on Call of Duty's signature Kill Cam.
Another one bites the dust.
Near death.
And now a floating hat..

Xbox 360 version

Opening cinematic shows various in-game elements you'll come across in your campaign.
Main Title
Main Menu
There are 10 missions in total to choose from.
Pre-mission diary writings vaguely explain your current situation.
Looks like the communication wire has been damaged on several places and you have to fix it... the problem is, German Wehrmacht is on all sides trying to stop you.
With no cover, the one who fires first gets to live.
When fighting indoors, the machine gun is the best solution.
The building is ours... but now we have to endure German counter-attack.
Using the sniper to clear out the streets.
Taking out enemy infantry with a sniper.
Use allied tanks as a moving cover against enemy fire.
The desert doesn't provide with much cover, but luckily your tanks do.
Direct hit on the Panzer II tank.
Using binoculars for easier targeting.
Leaving a trail of German Panzer II tanks should be a fair warning for an upcoming enemy tanks.
Rommel's last stand should be in this place... no doubt it'll be heavily defended.
Shooting at enemy soldiers on the other side of the crates.
Taking out the nest with a grenade.
The story is supported by actual photos and videos of WWII battles and events.
These walls should prove useful for some cover against enemy machine gun fire.
This enemy soldier is fully unaware of our presence... however, a stealth approach is not an option in this game.
Approaching the city at night should play to our advantage against Tiger tanks.
Close encounter with a Tiger tank... note the germans on the right, they're wounded but not dead, so double check your kills.
D-day, only this beach requires a lot of climbing first.
Providing covering fire while your comrades get closer to the buildings.
Holding top of the hill against an overwhelming enemy force.
Crossing the Rhein in an amphibious armored vehicle.
Throw some smoke grenades to cover your approach.
These soldiers were caught unprepared and did not expect someone to outflank them.

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