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Windows version

Main menu
You start the game in a small valley.
Jones's farm
You can't kill innocent people in this game.
Tim Powell, the town sheriff
You will be forced to steal a horse, later in the game.
You can use the whip to grab branches or get across large crevices.
Fire hurts like hell. You have to use the bucket filled with water to put out the flames.
Some objectives are timed.
You can easily kill multiple enemies in Concentration mode.
Some enemies will be easier to defeat after you scare them out of their hideouts using fire.
In the Combat mode only fists are allowed.
When you enter the shadows, the icon of your characters grows darker. You're invisible to the enemy then.
The duel
Lightning can reveal your position, even if you hide in the shadows.
Burning saloon
The Blackriver mine
Single-revolver quick shooting mode
The bandits stopped the train on the bridge.
Riding a horse.
Sniper rifle.
The hunt for rabbits
Texas Rangers
The Eagle Mountain
Some of the scenery is simply breathtaking.
Stage-coach chase
Abandoned church
The desert has an abandoned feel to it.
Inside an underground cave
The gold of Juarez
Keeping an eye out for enemies inside the city of Juarez.
Deep inside the city's cellars
Loading screen
Select a side - robbers or sheriffs (multiplayer).
Following a team mate (multiplayer).
Dead body
shoot in ass.. back.
western matrix
Double kill!

Xbox 360 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Watch out your footing.
Busted while trespassing.
Hiding in the bushes.
A sermon in progress.
Don't look down.
Race against time to find out what happened at the nearby farm.
Could Billy be the real murderer behind this massacre?
Some doors can be knocked open.
Chasing Billy through the buildings.
Running through the barn in flames.
Looks like reverend is returning to his past ways.
Angry mob is never a good thing.
Slow-motion duel will let you hit multiple enemies at once.
Mission objectives.
Sneaking up to the unaware guard.
This US soldier doesn't look too good, did someone attack their train?
You can pick up and throw certain objects, like this skull from an unmarked grave.
Don't let the screen turn too red, better look for cover until you recuperate health.
Shootout in the train wagon.
Guns have limited durability, so pick up enemy weapons every once in a while.
Shooter on the train roof.
Story progress via monologues is provided in between chapters.
Where did indians get all these rifles.
Watch out for rolling boulders, it gives away enemy position.
Revolvers are still best for close combat confrontations.
Enemies will often hide behind the covers.
On some missions you will get to ride a horse, but it may impede your shooting skills.
Cleaning out the bar with a Gatling gun.
Chasing after the stage coach.
Other riders trying to keep you away from reaching the coach.
Passing under the railroad bridge.
Albeit limited, some levels do have semi-destructible buildings.
Shoot out gunpowder barrels to take out nearby enemy groups.
Multiple hostiles on the rooftop.

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  • Call of Juarez Screenshot
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