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Cannon Fodder Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main Title (has a nice music, too)
The developers are also presented as first recruiters in the game.
A bunch of anxious recruiters, won't take this serious enough until more crosses start appearing.
Prelude to the mission.
First mission can entirely fit on one screen.
Missions usually end with a big bang.
Those who didn't die are instantly promoted. Ranks grow quicky in this game. But so does the casualty counter.
Each phase is comprised of certain number of missions. And after each phase you get 15 new recruiters.
Guarding the bridge. No fish will cross it now.
While swimming or being otherwise unprotected, splitting team and making them guard you may be advisable.
Mission map. Well, here too X marks the spot.
Ice level
You can't hide
Country level
The ending screen.
Canyon level
Underground base

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen.
My army!
Intro sequence for the jungle setting.
Mission briefing.
The first mission - it's very simple, only one screen.
My soldiers are getting a promotion.
Overview map.
Later missions are divided into phases.
Wading through the water makes your soldiers slow down.
It's quite a bloody game.
Destroying ammo crates will lead to explosions.
No, not Joooooops!
Change of scenery.
These guys keep coming out of that hut!
I'm getting decimated.

Atari ST version

Title screen
And they are probably happy about it
Humorous credits
Mission briefing
Aiming and firing
Mission compete
Level map
A snowy level
Nice explosion. Too bad I was caught in it.
Game over

DOS version

Intro (CD version)
Pre-mission cutscene
Pre-mission display
Ingame screenshot
Your objectives aren't very diversified.
While swimming your soldiers can't shoot and are easy targets.
Watching your enemies from a safe distance.
These boxes contain grenades.
And with grenades hostile buildings are no longer a threat.
After a mission your men are either promoted...
...or celebrated as heroes.
But don't worry, there are lots of other men who are willing to fight for you.

Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Intro movie
Helicopter base (to start a mission)
Chris was a bullhead.
Fallen soldiers memorial
The starting point
Too late...
You just a small fish for me... DIE!!!
When your partner has passed away you must finished the mission alone.
The beach
The native say "UNGA UNGA" to you.
You destroyed a housing estate of the enemy.
A enemy with a big cannon
The swamp can swallow you easy... take care!
A closed bunker
Two enemies on fire
You found a helicopter...
... and your first target!
Brrrrr... it's really cold here.
4 one 1.. that's not fair...
You can take a short break next o the igloo.
New gear
A bunker
You throw a grenade...
...and erased the enemies!
We will bomb this cabin!!!
Rope bridge
A enemy torn to pieces.
Hangar 18
A village
The digger! Run for your life!
You are in a pitfall.
A long way...
Take a look over your shoulder ha ha...
Phase complete.

Genesis version

the title screen
troops on the way
i thought we were going to the circus?
In simple terms, die here and you'll be really embarrased
the mission goals
the opening training mission has you killing three enemy soldiers
Well done team
victory is rewarded, of course
With each mission complete, another member is added to the team from the line
three members begin mission two
aim in the direction of the bad guys and fire like crazy
three on two
this seems to be a more even contest
some levels are split into phases
Jools and Jops lead the way
notice the sad white crosses on the hill for the lost
you can swim in that river, but you can't fire while in it
target thy enemy
yes, that is a bird
enemy base camp
blowing them out of the way
warm clothing included
can we ice skate afterwards?
Another enemy camp bites the dust
Bring up the map during play if you are lost
one goes it alone while the other stays back
a man on a mission
plenty more where that came from
Easy mission. Small map, many enemies, simple targets.
Hole in ground is full of enemies. Maybe Vietnamese tunnel
Map - long, narrow level
My team is dead. :(
Only one survived - time to kill defenseless enemy in water. Revenge is sweet.

J2ME version

Loading screen
Main menu
Help screen
Mission 1 start
Playing with numpad is a bit awkward but it's manageable
Mission complete
Starting mission 2
Pause menu

Jaguar version

Title screen
Main menu
Mission 1's goal
Kill all the enemy
All mt men were killed
Decoration screen (Jungle variant)
Mission 3 introduction
Mission 3 objectives
Killing enemies in a snowy area. This is the only version of the game to have an option to toggle between Low-res and High-res graphics and the only 2D Jaguar title to do so.
Blowin' up a house real good
If you see a enemy soldier agonizing with pain, just put an end to his misery
Mission 3 completed
Decoration screen (Snow variant)
Mission 4 Introduction
Mission 4 - Phase 3 of 4: Village People. This is where you'll be introduced to civilians, which will play a bigger role later in the game.
At one point, the boot hill will look like this...
Mission 6 Introduction
Mission 3 - Phase 1 of 2 objectives
Let's blow up stuff real good!
Phase completed
Decoration screen (Desert variant)
But at one point, soldiers will be KIA and depending on their decoration status, their graves are different.
Mission 15 Introduction
Mission 15 - Phase 1 of 3 objectives
In later levels, you'll be introduced to helicopters that you can ride on
Riding a tank and blowing up and indestructible turret
Phase completed
Decoration screen (Rural variant)
Mission 16 Introduction
Mission 16 - Phase 1 of 2 objectives
The other side of doesn't look so hot...
Going full commando!
Still kickin' with the rocket launcher!
Phase completed
Decoration screen (Underground variant)

SNES version

Title Screen
Soldier display
Mission 1 Title
Mission 1 Briefing
Blowing 'em away
The mission was a success!
Covert action
I don't think they're gonna make it to the other side...

Official Screenshots

  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release
  • Cannon Fodder Screenshot
    GOG.com re-release