Canvas 3: Tanshoku no Pastel Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main menu.
Game settings.
Waking up, a bit hazy, after the nap at school.
In-game options menu.
Talking to the students in the art class.
Ryou seems to get easily agitated.
Spotting Rina on your way back from school.
Dinner time.
The game starts somewhere in December.
Should you wake your little sister or go without her...
Your residence.
Reminiscing on the past events with your sister while talking to Ryou.
Ryou has temper, but easily blushes as well.
Talking to your classmates.
Some guys seem to be pestering the new girl.
Rina is grateful for your intervention.
With all the talk, I forgot to introduce myself.
Everybody's gathering around the teacher.
If it's not my imagination, everyone's attention is suspiciously centered on me.