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Press Release:

    I-Magic to Release Major Upgrade to Award-Winning Capitalism

    Capitalism Plus to be Released early in 2nd Quarter 1997

    "Capitalism may be the most addictive new game since the original Sim City," said Mac Home User Magazine in a recent review. "Playing out the American fantasy could not be easier or more fun," said Computer & Net Player Magazine about Capitalism. "The detail and depth of the game is incredible - I was hooked from the beginning" noted CD-ROM Multimedia Magazine.

    Capitalism Plus is an exciting real-time strategy game that allows players to build a financial empire from the ground up. In addition to building stores, farms, and mining operations, Capitalism Plus players can buy and sell stocks and take over other companies in the game. Featured in Business Week, the London Times, PC World Magazine, Capitalism has received glowing reports from software reviewers around the world.

    In addition to enhanced graphics, Capitalism Plus will contain real world maps (the original game had randomly generated land masses), a map editor, dozens of new products, random events such as fires and crop damage, new historical and futuristic business scenarios, as well as multiplayer hot- seat and email options.

    Like Capitalism, Capitalism Plus contains an easy to use narrated tutorial. After viewing the tutorial, players can quickly jump into the game and begin building a sprawling financial empire. Capitalism Plus now contains more than 60 products and covers a variety of business activities including, raw material production, mining, manufacturing, farming, research and development, advertising, and retail sales. Capitalism Plus contains a constantly fluctuating stock market allowing players to experience the excitement of buying and selling stocks. Capitalism Plus also has exciting new business scenarios where players can invest money into research and technology and actually "discover" new products.

    Capitalism Plus is being developed for Interactive Magic by Enlight Software in Hong Kong. Interactive Magic is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and is dedicated to developing and publishing high-quality multimedia games for the Internet, On Line and CD ROM.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on May 16, 2004.

Back of Capitalism Plus CD jewel case:

    Capitalism Plus returns with the same award-winning gameplay as in the original Capitalism, plus NEW graphics, NEW scenarios, NEW industries, and NEW real-world markets. Conquering the world of business has never been easier and more fun!

    Contributed by PCGamer77 (3234) on Jun 07, 2002.