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Capone Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Developer's logo
Title screen
Choose between mouse steering and light-gun
How many players?
Level 1. Shoot the bad guys.
Watch out for the bystanders!
Level 2 - it's getting harder. Walking guys when killed they leave a dynamite stick that explodes! Shoot it as well!

DOS version

Presentation screen (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Main menu (EGA)
The starting position is quiet (EGA).
Inhabitants of the streets (EGA)
Main menu (CGA)
Shooting the gangsters (CGA).
Don't shoot the innocent! (CGA)
Gangster with a gun (CGA)
3 gangsters, one victim - player has hard work. (CGA)
Gangster's heads in windows (EGA)
Gangster in lower window, shoot now. Kill him! (EGA)