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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a top-down squad based fighting game based on the 2014 movie of the same name. Players guide captain America and a squad of up to two AI-controlled S.H.I.E.L.D. Strike Team members through various missions. They fight various crime organizations who attack the world. As the villains behind the attacks are revealed, the mysterious Winter Soldier assassin also comes into play. By completing missions additional squad members of different types can be hired and the currency can be invested into research to upgrade Captain America and the team members.

Missions consists of defeating enemies, disabling or blowing up installations, moving with a time limit and fighting bosses. The game is shown from an almost top-down view and uses a cel shaded visual style. The game uses a fixed camera, but sometimes the perspective changes dynamically. Levels are largely linear. Captain America is moved around by clicking or tapping and the team members follow automatically. The game also supports a control system with a virtual D-pad in the bottom left side of the screen for movement. He uses a brawling melee style to fight. Enemies are attacked by clicking or tapping them and there is a separate button to quickly attack nearby enemies. Different versions / costumes can be unlocked for the main character and they each have access to a unique skill. For the starting character this is an earthquake move, smashing the ground, that can only be used a few times. Through a swipe Captain America throws his shield, breaking through enemy defenses or shattering environmental hazards that can damage enemies. Team members attack automatically. There are vitality boxes to heal or revive all team members and each level contains a hidden briefcase with a reward.

The agent team members are split up in different classes. There is the trooper, the sniper, the heavy and the support. They each have their own weapon an a specific ability that is accessed through a separate button. The trooper can throw grenades, the sniper attacks from a distance, the heavy can blow up parts of the environment and the support can disable installations. The Avengers Black Widow and Falcon also make an appearance and can be called in as back-up with a limited amount of tokens. Missions often have short cut-scenes where the objectives are introduced. Next to the main objective up to three stars can be earned per level for secondary goals. Prior to starting a mission various consumables such as medkits or grenades can be equipped. When team members run out of ammo or need help, the in-game currency can also be spent quickly during gameplay.

The game was originally released as a commercial title and was later made free-to-play. There is a basic currency (coins) and a premium ones (credits). In the research center the currency can be invested to upgrade all team members multiple times for the weapon, the gear and the unique ability. Characters also level up based on experience, improving health, damage, accuracy and the skills. There is another type of upgrade system by crafting different types of Iso-8 crystals in custom configurations for different effects. Triskelion, the S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, can be upgraded with the currency to recruit more agents. Lottery chips can be used on a spinning wheel for additional rewards. There are time-limited events and players can form squads with other players to help each other out. There is a separate A.R.E.N.A. game mode with simulated combat against another human players based on a custom squad and an offensive or defensive style for each agent.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier Windows Apps Captain America needs to get up close to fight, while the trooper is firing from the back.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Windows Apps Use your shield to break through enemy defenses. To the left coins can be picked up.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Windows Apps Custom crafting with crystals
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Windows Apps Main menu

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Other
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Other
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Other
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Other

Alternate Titles

  • "美國隊長2: 酷寒戰士 - 官方遊戲" -- Chinese spelling
  • "Первый Мститель. Другая война" -- Russian spelling
  • "The Return Of The First Avenger" -- German release
  • "Kaptan Amerika: Kış Askeri - Resmi Oyun" -- Turkish spelling
  • "Kaptan Amerika" -- Turkish Windows Phone title
  • "Captain America: TWS" -- Windows Phone release
  • "Captain America: LSH" -- French Windows Phone title
  • "Captain America: Le Soldat de l'Hiver - Le Jeu Officiel" -- French spelling
  • "Capitão America 2: O Soldado Invernal" -- Portuguese spelling
  • "Capitão America 2: OSI" -- Portuguese Windows Phone title
  • "Capitán América: El Soldado de Invierno - El Juego Oficial" -- Spanish spelling
  • "Capitán América" -- Spanish Windows Phone title
  • "キャプテン・アメリカ:ウィンター・ソルジャー" -- Japanese spelling
  • "캡틴 아메리카: 윈터 솔져" -- Korean spelling

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atari missile command