Captain America: The Winter Soldier Screenshots

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Windows Apps version

Title screen
Main menu
Introduction sequence
Captain America needs to get up close to fight, while the trooper is firing from the back.
Captain America activates his special Earthquake move.
A new class has been unlocked.
You can select different agents prior to starting a mission. For the next one having a sniper is a requirement.
Buy consumables before starting the mission.
Captain America and the agents arrive.
The sniper targets someone from a distance.
Use your shield to break through enemy defenses. To the left coins can be picked up.
A fierce battle, but my agents are running low on health. Grab the vitality box in the top right.
Mission completion screen
Upgrade information for the agents
In-app purchases for the premium currency
The main divisions to manage and upgrade the agents.
Captain America's stats
The HQ can be upgraded to recruit more agents.
Spinning the wheel for a prize.
You can join an online squad to share the spoils and help each other.
Progress in a time limited event
Another type of cut-scene before starting a mission.
Mission loading screen with the secondary objectives
Target interactive elements in the environment such as this hydrant to confuse enemies.
A reward
A simulated battle against another human players in the A.R.E.N.A. mode
With the heavy class on your team, it's time for big explosions.
Here you need your support agent to sabotage a facility.
The shield is about to hit an enemy.
By activating a hazard all the enemies are electrocuted.
Custom crafting with crystals
After spending a token, Black Widow joins the fight.
Enemies with flamethrowers deal a lot of damage.
Mission complete
Mission progress on the level map