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AmigaDatormagazin (Nov, 1991)
Kul och annorlunda plattformsspel, om än lite rörigt ibland.
AmigaAmiga Action (Jan, 1992)
Tony Crowther's last 16-bit effort, Captive, was quite simply superb. Therefore I was disappointed with Captain Planet to say least. Admittedly, the challenging gameplay and addictive nature of the game cannot really be faulted. It's just a shame that it's let down by a couple of annoying quirks. For instance, when I die, I don't expect to be shoved straight back into the same situation without an invulnerability period. this is no more than average game that we can only recommend to serious platform fanatics or to not so serious armchair environmentalist.
Atari STST Format (Jan, 1992)
As a game, it's nothing special - a simple six-stage collection of platform and shoot-'em-up styles. If this had a less holier-than-thou attitude, most people wouldn't give it a second glance. Don't be fooled by the trendy ideas; underneath them, there's a bad game waiting to get out.
AmigaPower Play (Mar, 1992)
Hinter der simplen Aufmachung von Captain Planet verbirgt sich ein nettes, abwechslungsreiches Jump'n'Run, das über einen längeren Zeitraum Spaß macht. Um so mehr freut es mich, dieses Spektakel in einer "umweltgerechten" Athmosphäre zu finden. Die Levels sind grafisch hübsch anzusehen, die Begleitmusik dagegen nervt trotz technischer Stärken. Allerdings sind hier Joystick-Künstler gefragt: Captain Planet & Company werden durch sehr knackige Geschicklichkeitstests herausgefordert. Wenige Male (nicht zuletzt wegen der etwas gewöhnungsbedürftigen Hüpfweise der Superhelden) gerät man sogar in ausweglose Situation.
AmigaRetroage (Aug 28, 2012)
Podsumowując gra Captain Planet and the Planeeters to kolejna platformówka na nasz komputerek, która ani nie zachwyca, ani aż tak bardzo nie odpycha. Ot, kolejny średni tytulik, w który można zagrać, albo i nie, za wiele przy tym nie tracąc. Rzekłbym nawet, że gra dla fanów serialu z tamtego okresu jest oczywiście tytułem jak najbardziej do ogrania. Dla normalnego gracza niezwiązanego historią z tą kreskówką, pozostanie średnim tytułem, z dobrą grafiką i fajnymi możliwościami (niestety w większości zaprzepaszczonymi).
AmigaAmiga Power (Dec, 1991)
What a shame - I so much wanted Captain Planet to be a cracker but it isn't. Keen environmentalists can ignore graphical deficiencies - and who really needs a good soundtrack anyway? - but unplayability can't be forgiven. Sorry.
AmigaAmiga Format (Jan, 1992)
Captain Planet is not a 'must purchase'. Unless your a veggie, a greenie or a member of the RSPCA who's desperate to act out you're good intentions through silicon, you're better off giving it a miss. Anyway isn't it slightly hypocritical for the good Captain to promote global warming by heating tempers?