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Trying to beat the best ever wreck-o-rama game ain't that easy. Windows Zamppa (102)
Even sicker, even more fun. Windows Ola Sverre Bauge (241)
The original is better. Windows Steve Hall (352)
Absolute Insanity - Oh the hours I've spent... Windows Russell Brisson (6)
A bit different than the first... except for the mass carnage... Windows Chris Martin (1204)
Looks better than original, but plays only marginally better at best. Windows justinstyles (5)
Crap. Windows Tomer Gabel (4643)

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Platform Votes Score
Macintosh 5 3.9
Nintendo 64 16 2.3
Windows 87 3.7
Combined User Score 108 3.5

Critic Reviews

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MacintoshmacHOME (1998)
Carmageddon II is definitely not for kids. It's a grotesque game with absolutely no ethics. And boy is it fun. This is one of those guilty pleasures you should play with the lights out while everyone's asleep. Just try not to hoot and holler with glee too much; you'll wake up the neighbors.
WindowsPrivat Computer PC (1998)
Det er let at tage moralsk afstand fra spillet. Men den hæmningsløse vold er kombineret med en lige så hæmningsløs humor, og heri ligger for mig hele forskellen mellem kvalme og kvalitet. Rød asfalt, sort humor - og gyldent gameplay!
WindowsPC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
Carma II does for Carmageddon what Doom did for Wolfenstein 3D: takes the concept and fine-tunes it, producing a game that is a ghoulish dream come true for fans of the original... and a kick in the cock for the critics.
WindowsNUKE Computer Gaming (2000)
If you're a fan of the first game, you'll have two possible opinions of Carma2. Either you'll think it's so close to the original that it's not different enough to warrant purchase or that it has kept all the charm of the original and simply refined and improved on it without changing the gameplay. Either way, the game is very difficult to fault whether you compare it to the original, or to every other driving game out there.
WindowsImperium Gier (Oct 10, 2001)
Moi drodzy teraz nie pozostaje mi już nic innego, jak zaprosić was za kółko i puścić na miasto. Co za ulga gdy możecie przejeżdżając pieszego, wyobrazić sobie swojego najgorszego wroga, i uśmiechnąć się delikatnie gdy on będzie znikał pod kołami. Rany byłbym zapomniał że niesamowitego klimatu tej grze dodaje muzyka. Są to wspaniałe starsze kawałki zespołu IRON MAIDEN. Z mojej strony nie pozostaje nic innego jak gorąco was zachęcić do zakupu tych bardzo odbiegających od normy wyścigów.
In an ideal world, racing games would either be a perfect simulation of the real life experience of driving a racing vehicle, or the opposite of this. Carmageddon is a favorite to most racing fanatics for the reason that it is the closest thing to the opposite of a racing "sim" ever made. If you feel like a challenge, go play Grand Prix Legends, but when the time comes for some pure adrenaline pumping fun you can't go past Carmageddon 2.
WindowsCD-Action (Jan, 1999)
Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse jest godnym następcą pierwszej części i maksymalnie wciągającą odlotową grą. Polecam.
WindowsAttack Games (Feb, 1999)
Är du en orolig förälder så ska du inte köpa Carmageddon till din femåriga son. Jag skulle inte heller rekommendera att du sätter dig ned och spelar spelet i två timmar innan din uppkörning. Jag vet att en del kanske blir upprörda över det faktum att jag inte är upprörd över spelets grymhet. Jag tycker dock att man ska ta det för vad det är, nämligen ett datorspel och ett alldeles utmärkt sådant.
WindowsFreak (Oct, 1998)

לסיכום, אנחנו אישית היינו רצים לחנות וקונים את העותק הראשון שמגיע לחנות, אבל כדאי שאתם תחשבו פעמיים גם מבחינת האלימות (אנו לא חושבים שזה מפריע להרבה אנשים) וגם מבחינת הגבלת גיל.

MacintoshMac Ledge (May 03, 1999)
Carmageddon 2 is one of my favorite games to play because you can always jump right in without having to remember what you were doing or where you were. It's a smash fest that quickly releases the brain from anything rational and sets it in a world of free-for-alls where your opponents are waiting to play hockey with it. It is gruesome and graphically violent, but not too disturbingly so (what are these people doing wandering around on a racetrack, anyway?). Carmageddon 2 is, if not the most realistic from a physics standpoint, than the most flat-out fun driving game to ever hit the Macintosh head on. It's the only chance you'll ever have (hopefully) to push an F-16 fighter plane off the deck of an aircraft carrier, race a diesel train, or navigate a roller coaster ride from the comfort of your car.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Jan 12, 1999)
Carmageddon 2 retains its predecessor's title as the sickest experience in gaming, one that's so over-the-top and twisted that it ultimately proves cathartic for those who experience any form of stress related to their vehicles (or pedestrians). Though it's probably a sign of severe psychological dysfunction, the game is so skillfully produced that you can't help but laugh uncontrollably while playing. Disturbing? Definitely. Entertaining? You bet.
First let me stop and say to you how hard it was for me to put down the game and write this. The game is pure-fun. It's not the running over of the helpless peds or trashing someone else's car, but it's the dark humor that lies in the surface, and the core of this game.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Nov 30, 1998)
De echte freaks: onmiddelijk kopen. 'Gewone' spelers van Carma I: bezint eer gij begint! Het is niet denkbeeldig dat je het allemaal beu wordt, omdat het voor jou op een opgepoetste voorganger lijkt. Voor de 'ontdekkers' van dit spelgenre: kopen! Dit spel is stukken beter dan zijn voorganger en het spelplezier van Carma II is moeilijk te evenaren in andere 'beschaafde' racespellen. Alle drie de partijen moeten wel met de hoge systeemeisen rekening houden...
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Nov 21, 1998)
С одной стороны, разработчики постарались учесть ошибки предыдущей игры и внести в нее что-то новое. С другой, получившаяся игрушка напоминает скорее улучшенную версию первой — но вряд ли это так плохо, если учесть, что поклонники первой части получили возможность вновь сыграть в любимую старую и одновременно новую игру. Можно говорить о вреде такого явления, как клоны, но в данном случае парням из Stainless удалось избавить нас от неприятного ощущения склонированности и предоставить старым фэнам возможность раздавить еще немного пешеходов, а новых — познакомить с забавным, кровавым и своеобразным миром Carmageddon 2. Что ж, третья часть игры не за горами. Посмотрим, что из себя будет представлять Carmageddon 3...
WindowsGame Over Online (Nov 14, 1998)
Overall, I must say this game is not for the average public. It firstly requires that your stomach isn't turned by the first ripped-off body part that you see, but it also helps if you enjoy Car Wars-type of games in general. True, there are no weapons to Carmageddon 2 per se - but then again, this isn't Interstate '76, and I think the point would've been lost had it used weapons. It's a (yet another) fun and innocent way to do things for which people get shot in real life.
WindowsGame Revolution (Feb 01, 1999)
Overall, I'm really pleased with Carmageddon 2. The absence of multiplayer, however, is hard to justify and brings the grade down a notch. But for the most part, it fixes all of the minor problems with the original, and adds some flavor along the way. Now go buckle up and kill the innocents - they deserve it.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Jan, 1999)
Het totaalcijfer van Carmageddon II is vanwege de graphics niet uitzonderlijk hoog. Je moet immers eerlijk blijven. Ik denk echter niet dat veel gamers zich wat van dit cijfer zullen aantrekken. En terecht, want Carma II is zeer verslavend.
MacintoshMacReactor (1999)
Still, despite a few glaring oversites, Carmageddon is a fun if bloody title that is sure to be a huge hit with fans of its predecessor. It also appeals to the same humorous, Beavis & Butthead style "huh huh, huh, kill 'em all" attitude that made Duke Nukem the otherwise inexplicable success that it most obviously was. But the squeamish or those with aging systems — or just those who are looking for an actual racing game — would be advised to pass this one over.
MacintoshAll Game Guide (1999)
If you love the smell of gasoline in the morning, prepare to take a huge whiff of victory. This is random violence and destruction at its most beastly. Nothing quite says loving like t-boning a guy and then shoving him into an open flame to fry after all.
MacintoshMacNN (May 12, 1999)
Despite how sadistic the game sounds Carmageddon is, in your editor's humble opinion, less violent than games like Quake and Unreal for the simple reason that its out of proportion realism, or lack of it, turns it more into an amusing high than an exploration into evil. Just remember that when you step into your car, society seems to frown on you if you carry over your driving from Carmageddon 2 into real life.
WindowsGameGenie (1998)
Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now is an almost flawless game. The first Carmageddon was just long and involving. But Carmageddon 2 does a good job of maintaining interest. With improved graphics and sound, you now have your new controversial title this year. I still can't get over how fun they made this game. It is definitely a good game to play if you had a bad day. Although it seems sick there's something really funny about running over these pedestrians. And on top of that if you're really sick run over them again. Sigh, too much violence, too much violence.
WindowsGameSpot (Jan 06, 1999)
Because of the linear race progression, you'll sometimes get stuck on a timed mission objective that you'll have to replay until you get it right. But the game isn't all that difficult, and a little perseverance should get you past any roadblocks, metaphorical or not. What you're left with, then, is a game that isn't serious at all but instead offers a fun and colorful, albeit predominantly red, environment to drive across, through, or over. Carmageddon II isn't the most ambitious game you'll ever play, but chances are it'll be one of the more enjoyable games you've tried lately.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Apr 07, 1999)
Wer Carmageddon 2 mag, liebt das Ungewöhnliche. Ein wenig verrückt wird er auch sein. Denn ganz sicher ist es nicht jedermanns Sache, mit seinem Fahrzeug durch Alienscharen zu pflügen wie ein Bauer mit der Sense durch das Korn. Aber lassen wir mal die Moral außen vor: Das Spielprinzip funktioniert. "Ich bin es, meine Lieben. Der grimmige Sensenmann! Und ich bin da, euch heut zu holen. Hua, hua, hua. (Hohles Gelächter)" Aber selbst Iron Maiden als Soundtrack im Hintergrund und die recht gute Fahrphysik können nicht darüber hinwegtäuschen, daß Carmageddon 2 den Anreiz durch Tollwut auch dringend benötigt. Technisch humpelt das Spiel moderner Programmierkunst nämlich meilenweit hinterher. Der Hinkefuß des Satans? Gut möglich: Wer dadurch Bonusgelder erzielt, daß er seine Gegner durch besonders kunstvolle Fahrweise ins Jenseits befördert, kennt den Stallgeruch der Unterwelt.
Nintendo 6464 Power / big.N / N Games (Nov, 1999)
Erwachsenen Spielern, die Carmageddon 64 nur im Single Player Mode spielen möchten, sei zur englischen Version geraten. Mehrspieler haben die freie Auswahl. Denn das beste Feature des Spiels stellt immer noch der Multiplayer-Modus da. Für die Optikschwächen entschädigen hier Optionen wie Sudden Death, Eliminator Mode, Fox’n Hounds oder Driven to Destruction - noch Fragen? Welche dieser Spielarten den meisten Spaß bringt, musst Du selbst herausfinden. Nur soviel sei verraten: Die eine ist makaberer als die andere.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide (2000)
Carmageddon 64 is a solid title that puts out a fine amount of action and variety for your gaming dollar. It's not as well suited for younger players given all the senseless violence it encourages, but the older audiences will find a game with a surprisingly solid physics engine, realistic collisions, and some go-anywhere racing that you don't often see on a console system. Running over zombies is but one of the game's morally questionable charms.
MacintoshIGN (Jun 07, 2002)
Although the violence in Carmageddon 2 may earn it a mention on the floor of the House, the game is mindless fun with a heavy dose of violence. While not for everyone, game players with a healthy grasp on reality will find a lot to enjoy.
WindowsESC Magazine (Feb 14, 1999)
Bloodthirsty fans of the original will need no prompting to get into the game; neophytes should give it a race or two. Trust us, Carmageddon 2 will grow on you.
65 (1998)
Das martialische Gemetzel, das maßgebliche Kaufargument für Fans außer acht gelassen, verliert Carmageddon 2 schnell seinen Reiz. Das liegt einerseits an der trägen, verkorksten Steuerung: Wer kommt auf die Idee, die Tastaturbelegung standardmäßig auf den Nummernblock zu legen? Außerdem ist die lasche Force-Feedback-Unterstützung ein Witz. Auch das Gameplay verliert allzu schnell seinen Anfangsspaß. Verhältnismäßig zur steigenden Anzahl der Kills sinkt die Motivation. Da können die eingeschobenen Missionen auch nicht mehr viel retten. Lediglich im Mehrspielermodus (via LAN oder Internet) hat Carmageddon 2 für mich eine Daseinsberechtigung.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Apr, 1999)
All in all, CARMAGEDDON 2 has the horsepower and the looks to deliver a nice joyride. But control issues and repetitiveness mean that your ride will likely be a short one.
Nintendo 64Mega Fun (Dec, 1999)
Wie schon die PlayStation-Version enttäuscht auch die N64-Umsetzung. Technisch nicht konkurrenzfähig, überzeugt das Game vor allem aufgrund seiner spielerischen Mängel nicht. Die Steuerung ist mehr als ungenau, und die Rennen sind trotz der verschiedenen Schwerpunkte einfach zu eintönig. Außerdem ist es doch sehr fraglich, Punkte-Combos für das Überfahren von Tieren zu verteilen. Ein Stück Software, das niemand wirklich braucht.
Nintendo 64Video Games (Dec, 1999)
Es gibt Spiele, da merkt man schon nach wenigen Minuten, daß es sich um völligen Krampf handelt – Carmageddon 64 ist so ein bedauernswerter Kandidat. Wenn die Engine und Optik so verhunzt bzw. lieblos hingeklatscht werden, helfen auch keine 30 Strecken und eine an sich interessante Gameplay-Idee mehr. Was soll ich noch sagen: Das Spielgefühl ist furchtbar, die 08/15-Strecken mangels Details ultralangweilig, die Soundberieselung zum Abschalten – ein absoluter Totalflop eben. Als solcher (Rennspiel) dagegen auf dem N64 meines Wissens nach schon wieder einzigartig.
Nintendo 64Daily Radar (2000)
You know those times when you have to get up at 3:00 in the morning, your bladder aching, and you shuffle off to the bathroom only to stub your toe on the corner of the bed? Well, imagine that feeling while playing an N64 game, and you'll have a glimmer of what it's like to play Carmageddon 64. This game has been dredged up from the depths of Hades to torture good little boys and girls with horrid gameplay, repulsive graphics and the smelliest sounds you've ever seen. Yes, it confounds the senses that badly. Do yourself a favor -- pee before going to bed and do not rent this game!
Nintendo 64GameSpot (Aug 15, 2000)
In the end, Carmageddon 64 just isn't very playable. The thin pretense of racing doesn't come through, and, unlike the PC versions, it actually matters this time, as there isn't much reward in smashing into the same dodgy vehicles and creatures over and over again. The two-player modes aren't much of a consolation, either, as few people would want to subject their friends to a game with such flawed mechanics.
Nintendo 64Electric Playground (Aug 14, 2000)
For a long time I have said that a lot of the gore and violence found in video games is an attempt to cover up sub-standard gameplay. The Red Cross doesn’t have enough blood in its blood banks to cover up for this monstrosity. It is a very rare thing when a game totally devoid of redeeming features, like Carmageddon 64, comes along. Irritating Stick may finally have some competition for the worst game ever.
Nintendo 64IGN (Jul 28, 2000)
I never thought it would happen, but there is now actually a game on the market that's impressively worse than Superman 64 -- and it's from Titus Software. Well done old pals! Carmageddon for PC -- a fun little racer -- hits N64 as a ruined, broken, sloppy, worthless port that really only serves one purpose: to remind players just how important time and effort are when porting a franchise to home console. There is no point to this rubbish. Absolutely, positively, whatever you do, do not buy this game!
Nintendo 64X64 (Nov, 1999)
Si les EPROM ne coûtaient pas si cher, nous aurions sauté sur Carmaggeddon à pieds joints ! 3 minutes de jeu pour 390 FF, ça fait tout de même 130 FF la minute !
Nintendo 64The Video Game Critic (Mar 05, 2017)
The fact that this is a PC port explains a lot but it's still no excuse. Carmageddon 64 is such an atrocity it actually gives Superman (Nintendo 64, 1999) a run for the money. If a friend ever asks you to play Carmageddon, be sure to punch him in the face.