Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen.

Windows version

Regular driving screen; damage indicator at top right, enemy status at the bottom, mini-map at bottom right.
And they're off! a jumbled start.
Opponents may be wasted in a number of ways, the most straightforward being head-to-head collision
Or you can ram them up against the nearest wall.
The most sure-fire method, however, is driving them up against something sharp.
Pedestrian splatting is made all the more fun by powerups such as Suicidal Pedestrians...
...and the Pedestrian Repulsificator.
If you tire of people, there's also cattle and sheep to splat. (these can be turned off)
The electro-bastard ray, a leftover from Carmageddon 1.
Whoever designed "Airpain" had an excellent sense of humor.
The obligatory start line pileup.
Four times larger than the next biggest thing, the Loggerhead is a ridiculous ride.
Just the thing if you want to be a lumberjack, though.
But it's not completely indestructible.
This concludes our tour. Thankyoudrivethrough.
In city's "bank"
opponents - can you destroy them?
Break the fence
he can't escape.
mobile fence and forklift
...and double effect
Triple electroshock :D
Underground tunnel
Empty road
civilian cars
Two targets on the line
I fall! I fall! ouch...
Stone ball.
fall from track?
Chase in tunnel
Long jump
Another fall
... and another jump
Upside-down ride.