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Carrier Command Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen, I usually go for Strategy.
This usually takes a second or two.
Action game starts with the carrier near an enemy defence island named Thermopylae
Zooming in with the turret to see what defences are on point.
The left is the command centre, destroying this makes the island neutral. On the right is an aircraft launching platform. Both out of range of the main gun sadly.
The map of the island chain. The computer carrier is at least twice as fast as you at colonizing.
Maybe more than twice...
A Manta fighter is needed to attack the island.
It is on the deck prepared to launch.
It is important to switch on its radar, a button on the bottom right.
After a few passes and destroying some emplacements and fighters, manta 1 returns with severe damage.
Manta 2 is able to penetrate the defenses of the island and fire missiles at the command centre.
With the Island now neutral a Walrus is sent in to build a new, friendly command centre.
The Walrus heading back from its mission. Thermopylae is now friendly!
A new heading is picked for the carrier, as the Walrus docks.
Fully zoomed out, the resource network. Keeping your islands linked means they are able to build you equipment and fuel.
The damage computer. Very easy to read even at a glance.
The message log is often depressing.
All supply priorities start at 0, so it is important to select what you want manufactured by your factory islands.
Carrier fuel is by far the most important of the three types. Run out away from an island and you're helpless.
The elusive enemy carrier!
A closer look at the enemy carrier. It doesn't have to slow down near islands so it can escape very quickly.
An enemy island's command centre, after firing a virus bomb at it.
The result is the island becomes friendly instantly!

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
The game begins
Selecting destination

Atari ST version

Fire with the board laser to the volcano..
You can set drones to automatically defend the carrier.
Armed the plane.
With the cannon I destroyed a sam site
Starting the Walrus
The Map
Starting the Manta 1

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Nice view of your carrier.
Your game Status.
Fitting weapons to a ship.

DOS version

Start Screen
View From The Bridge
Check On Available Equipment
Damage Control
Identify Threats With Radar
Defend With Ships Weapons
Project Your Might On Land
Project Your Power
Title and menu (EGA)
Gameplay (EGA)
Title and menu (CGA)
Gameplay (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
Gameplay (Hercules Monochrome)

ZX Spectrum version

The title screen
Menu screen; filled polygons on a ZX Spectrum
Damage control
Buzzing the carrier