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Casanova Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title Screen
Developers Information
Main Menu
Starting Position...Obsessed Woman is hunting for you...
At the border of the town...Jealous men are after you...
Shooting the Music Note...
Climbing the Chain...Brassiere is near as well as enemies...
Climbing the Rope grown from the magic pot...
Dove has dropped the egg...It will be useful for your energy...
You are out of lives...

MSX version

Title and loading screen
Main menu
Starting location. Ah, il mio tesoro, I am afraid we cannot be together, today.
I have shot a musical note at an enemy and a ladder has appeared from a magic pot.
Climbing the chain.
Chased by a loving woman and a jealous man.
I lost all my lives. Game over.

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen. While this displays there is some pretty music
Credits. The game stops on this screen until a key is pressed
Game options. This screen takes 25 seconds to display. It does it very prettily but it means you have to wait and wait and wait before restarting.
Key redefinition
The game starts here. Casanova is in yellow. The green bar represents musical notes, aka bullets, he has available. The yellow heads are available lives. The blue cross responds to action keys
Surprisingly, contact with a lady costs a life! Losing a life causes the screen to turn completely red
Casanova's just fired a musical note at a guy who'll throw a dagger at him given the chance
The assassin has thrown his knife the wrong way. That means I get to music him to death. On the ground to his left are some musical notes - aka spare ammunition
The assassin has gone. I've picked up the musical notes and somethings changed on the ammo status. The next guy seems to throw dumb bells, though they could be bolos
Casanova can leap to avoid flying daggers and to jump onto ropes, chains etc
When all lives have gone this screen is displayed before returning to the annoying menu screen