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Castle Explorer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen. There are no game options that are accessed via the menu bar.
The game begins with a fly-by of the castle. Music plays. A voice over tells the player that the king does not trust the baron and wants a spy to investigate.
This is the baron in his quarters
To play the game as a spy the player must first enter the top secret Spy Hut
In the Spy Hut the player must choose their disguise, tear the scroll which contains the questions the king wants answering and, of course, read the spy manual.
The Spy's Handbook tells the player everything they need to know about their mission.
The main exploration screen. From here areas of the castle can be selected.
The Gatehouse has been selected. From here individual areas can be examined in greater detail.
The gatehouse roof examined in more detail. The player can delve even deeper into the castle than this - see the next screenshot
Some parts of the picture can be clicked on to reveal the scene behind the wall or under the roof.
Some sections of the castle give the player access to the video sequences. This one takes the player into the armoury
Meet the armourer. He sets simple tasks and describes the weapons in this room
One of the armourer's simple tasks is quenching a sword blade to harden it
One of the armourer's simple tasks is to sharpen a sword blade on a grinding wheel
This is the cook in the castle kitchens. As with the armoury there are hot spots that provide information and simple tasks to be performed here.
The baron is suspicious. Before the player can enter his quarters they must answer a question.
Getting the baron's question wrong means a trip to the dungeon. Luckily the jailer can smuggle the player out in the dung cart - for a price
The Save Game option
When pieces of the map are found they are placed in the players spy chest, behind a secret sliding panel
The certificate awarded at the end of the game.