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Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Yes sir! Mission is clear sir!
Forest level. If you eat those apples, you can throw them at enemies afterwards
Level completed
Soldiers level
A new door - a new level
A dark level with mushrooms and birds
A witch!
The practice mode is completed
Early on in the game
Jumping over bugs
Mickey is jumping and avoiding the green thing
One of the bosses - a tree!
Giant cobwebs are in the background
Minnie mouse is trapped in a bubble
In Toy land the world can go upside down
Clown boss
Game over screen
Swimming with the fishes
Water level rises and falls in this level, watch out
Candy land
Swimming in a cup of tea
Dragon-like boss
In the castle
Castle's dungeon
Clock tower - where's Simon Belmont when you need him
Fighting a big but rather dumb guy
Mickey built a rainbow bridge to the final boss