Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Prior to every mission, the voice of Patrick Stewart gives a little prologue of things to come.
The Brotherhood of Light has finally sent their champion to rid the lands of the evil that plagues it.
Helping villagers fend off the werewolves.
Quickly bash the right button if you don't want to become his next meal.
Check your book to find out more about characters and monsters you have encountered.
Gabriel's reason behind this perilous journey.
Powerful shoulder dash that uses dark magic can kick off even the toughest of monsters.
Examine the corpses of your fallen brethren to find out scrolls and other useful items.
You can grab certain weaker enemies for a quick kill.
Don't stay too long in the murky swamp water.
Taking multiple goblins with a single powerful charged strike.
At the grip of a spider.
Fighting one of the lords of the shadow... evil has finally met its match.
Using spiral strike combines with light magic against minor trolls.
When grabbing a lesser enemy, timing is everything.
There are many beautiful landscapes throughout the levels.
This huge ogre doesn't look friendly, rather hungry.
Game is split into many chapters and levels.
You can dash through some of the doors and walls with a little help from dark magic.
Shatter the purple crystal to summon a creature that will take out the monsters in one big swoop.
You can ride various creatures which will help you pass various obstacles on your path.
Closing in the holes so the ghouls cannot come out anymore.
Time to rip that armor to pieces.
Going up.
You won't be biting anyone anymore when I'm through with you.
One of the many mirror puzzles in the game.
The dinner is canceled, guys, it's you who are on the menu now.
This chef doesn't like anyone who is insulting his cooking.
Need to create an electricity-free passage to exit, and you can't fly over it.
Fighting the lesser vampires.
In boss fights reflexes take precedence over brute strength.
Scare off the crows by shaking the pole.
Blue light indicates a perfect block which renders any enemy temporarily vulnerable to your counter strikes.
Inside a crystal cave.
Despite their appearance, in this game, skeletons are fastest and toughest of the lesser monsters.
When fighting gigantic creatures, you must not let go of your grip or you will easily fall off and climbing takes time.
By defeating monsters you gain points with which you can upgrade your skills and abilities.
Unlockable content, storyboard for battle against the giant ogre.
Each level contains unlockable artwork you can purchase with same points you purchase new skills.
Mounting a beast may not always offer stronger attacks, but might provide you with speed or agility
Approaching the swamp area
Gabriel should learn to watch his back in a dangerous areas
Using the power of the shard
Spinning attack will easily dispose of weaker enemies
This town looks rather desolate... I don't like the feeling
Teaming up with a fellow traveler
Use wings to jump behind the shielded enemies
Say good-bye my little vampire friend
Climbing up the frozen fortress

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main menu
The introduction gives you a hint an the beautiful graphics in the game.
Gabriel arrives via horse in small village.
You will earn you first kills in this village, provided you follow the tutorial.
Your first mini boss: not difficult but just to learn the basics of combat.
A magical steed helps you on your travels. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the flight.
Collect green shards to improve your health.
Those shards can usually be found with the bodies of deceased knights.
Your attacks are powerful, some enemies evaporate in a cloud of gore.
Overview of your current inventory
The altar in the background looks interesting.
The altar will provide an upgrade to your battle cross.
Hello human, me hungry.
Press an attack button once the outer ring is inside the inner ring to win the QTE.
You have to cross large gaps to advance.
Advance either by climbing and jumping.
Use the chain of your battle cross to attach to those blue sparkling hooks and swing to the other side.
Level summary and what you have found and missed.
Skills can be purchased with experience points.
You will also travel lush sceneries, but do not be fooled, enemies are around every corner.
Once in a while, you will need to solve some logical puzzles. A nice diversion from the fighting.
An ice titan bids you welcome.
Meet Zobek, your brother in arms.
Enemies are getting bigger.
Some enemies can be "tamed" in order to progress through special areas. Kill them afterwards.
Smash the button to break the grip.
Collect those yellow orbs to replenish your light or dark energy.
Dude, see a dentist. Seriously.
Details of monsters including weaknesses.
With light magic active, hitting an enemy will refill your health bar.
A dark castle in the snow
Moves are explained in detail, you just have to purchase them.
Upgrades to your weapons are stored in Brotherhood Arks, which are not always accessible from the start. You sometimes need to find another upgrade first.
Uh ... hello, my name is Gabriel. How you doin'?
Scarecrows, cornfields, green sky... this looks bad. Stay on your guard.
A graveyard for Titans
The map
A dream sequence
The story is being told and narrated in between levels.