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atari breakout
Catch 'Em DOS Game instructions


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Business Model Attribute Image Shareware
Minimum CPU Class Required Attribute Image Intel 80286
Video Modes Supported VGA
Sound Devices Supported PC Speaker
Input Devices Supported Attribute Image Mouse
Number of Offline Players Attribute Image 1 Player
Notes This game was written for a 16 mhz 386 machine, it will automatically compensate for slower machines, but will not compensate for faster machines.

TRS-80 CoCo
Minimum Supported System Color Computer 1
Minimum RAM Required Attribute Image 16 KB
Media Type Attribute Image Cassette Tape
Input Devices Supported Attribute Image Mouse
Controller Types Supported Analog Joystick
Number of Players Supported Attribute Image 1 Player

Technical information contributed by Indra was here (20843) and L. Curtis Boyle (750)
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