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Caverns of Xaskazien Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Start menu
Generating a new character.
Starting a new dungeon.
Combat with dastardly foes
Things get more dangerous when you descend deeper into the caverns.
Exploration does not always yield rewards.

Windows version

Title screen.
Start menu.
Generating a character.
Entering the dungeon.
Now if that isn't the world's cutest rust monster!
Ka-ching! Don't see too many moneybag$ lying around in real life... of course, maybe I'm just not spending enough time in dungeons.
Contents of the bag revealed!
Ergh, I walk into a hidden trap!
The trap strews fire everywhere!
Moving along from the temple (the cross) I get healed courtesy of a random encounter with a health potion (with only a very slight possibility of being misidentified as a poison potion!)
Help, I can't swim!
That electric archway will also heal me.
A river of slime? No sir, I don't like it.
Leveling up -- pick a stat to increase.
Surrounded by giant amoebae? Time for me to ... split! Ah, I kill me.
A useful floor type to recognize!
Here I just thought it made me wet!
Going down!
Urk! The poison got me!
High score table.