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The Video Game Critic (Jul 22, 2002)
First and foremost, once you enter the castle, the stages occur in random order, which is awesome. It means that even if you're not skilled at the game, you'll still get to see a lot of the scenes. I also appreciate how you're NOT penalized for entering moves prematurely, which makes the game quite a bit easier. High scores are saved by the CD-i system. On the downside, when you lose a life you have to sit through an irritating "score screen" that prints numbers and letters one at a time along with some harsh sound effects. Also, you can't continue after losing your three lives. But despite these issues, I still prefer this version over the others I've played.
This version of the laserdisc arcade classic is without a doubt the best version of any platform. Everything from the arcade has been directly ported over. All the scenes and music are here! Another thing that makes DL so good is the fine control of Dirk which allows players to choose his movies with ease. On the downside, the CD access time is a nuisance breaking you away from the game too long.
Génération 4 (Jun, 1994)
Après avoir été soufflé par la qualité de l'adaptation, j'ai retrouvé les défauts inhérents à ce type de jeu : jouabilité limite et intérêt restreint. On n'a cependant jamais vu une telle qualité vidéo sur une machine de jeu, mais quand à profiter de l'extension Digital Video du CD-I, autant attendre des softs plus ludiques et plus interactifs. Vous comprendrez aisément que le bilan est déséquilibré. Enfin, c'est une affaire de goût et le style peut séduire.
Defunct Games (Dec 06, 2009)
Overall, this CD-i edition is a pretty decent version of Dragon's Lair, though it is by no means perfect. The gameplay is very shallow, but to my surprise I enjoyed it more than I thought. If you don't mind trial & error based gameplay and have unlimited patience you may even call this game a classic. But that's a leap too far for me ...
It's nice to see old games come back, but it's usually more fun if the game is updated for a new generation - as Atari did with Tempest 2000. If you're a fan of Dirk, though, this game is yours; it's made just for you.
Overall, the game is a fun occasional play. Not really one you should solve, then jump back into again. Still, the great visuals (and tuneless humming of Dirk) make it a fun cartoonish adventure not to be missed.
GamePro (US) (Oct, 1994)
There's not enough incentive here to play this game just to see the new scenes or the great graphics. Unless you're a Dirk die-hard, you'll find that Dragon's Lair may just be too much adventure to handle.
Retro Game Reviews (Aug 08, 2015)
Dragon's Lair on the CD-i is an unforgiving game and one that's almost impossible to beat unless you put many hours into learning each scene. It's a shame as I really wanted to like it but the random scene order and lack of continues really ruined it for me.
Joystick (French) (Sep, 1994)
Dragon's Lair est aussi beau qu'inintéressant... et Dieu sait s'il est beau !