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Power Unlimited (Jul, 1993)
Pinball voor de CD-I is een leuke flipperaar. Hij is realistisch en het geluid is erg goed. Helaas is het beeld niet zo goed als men van een CD-I spel verwachtte.
This is one of the earliest CD-i titles, and still one of the easist to sit and enjoy. Classic pinball is fun for everyone, and realisticly, even the most high-tech, digital video readout full-size arcade machines still need the same playability to be fun that even the classic machines had. Trying to capture the feel of real pinball has always been a challenge, but this one does a fair job of it. Not to say that theres not problems, but as with so many video pinball games, there is still something missing.
Just Games Retro (Dec 19, 2017)
Pinball for CD-i seems like a prime example of trying to force a square peg into a very round hole. It doesn’t really make much use of the CD-i’s capabilities, the graphics are incredibly underwhelming, the sounds are pretty sparse, and while there are four very distinct tables available, they either suffer from feeling tightly cramped or vastly empty, and when partnered with a scrolling, jerky camera and a ball that moves at the speed of light, it makes for a less than enjoyable experience. I really wouldn’t recommend Pinball unless you’re an unabashed mark for the genre or are just looking for something to pad out your CD-i catalogue. It’s not the worst game I’ve played, but when the most positive thing I can say about it is that it introduced me to the Radetzky March, that’s not a good omen.
Defunct Games (Jun 04, 2006)
There's really nothing interesting about any of these tables. I wish I could say something nice about this game, but it doesn't even feel right to call this a full game. Maybe if this were part of a larger collection of wholly un-enjoyable minigames it would have received a higher score, but as it is, it just isn't worth it.