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Written by  :  Arejarn (5003)
Written on  :  Apr 12, 2009
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A badly drawn catastrophe...

The Good

I never was much of a fan of the Zelda series, I never played a Zelda game before. That was until, one of my "friends" let me borrow this game. While he was giving the game, I thought I heard laughing of some kind under his arm.

When I started playing the game, after watching the hilariously bad opening cinematic, I found very few things that are good about this game. Though, one of the minor qualities is that you get to play as Zelda, the person who's name appears in nearly every title of the games in the series. In this game, the roles have been reversed; Zelda is the one who has to save Link from Ganon.

Aside from that, there really isn't anything else to give this game good praise for. Though there is one thing: the soundtrack is fast-paced and it balances well with the frustration of the game.

The Bad

Nintendo made a mistake: they let another video game company create Zelda games. This company decided to make a few "changes" to the game system and break the tradition of how it was meant to be played.

First of all, they added hand-drawn cutscenes into the game. These scenes just prove to make the game even more hilarious. The characters' heads in the scenes sometimes look extremely bloated, and often, they look as if they will EXPLODE.

Onto the gameplay.
In most of the previous Zelda games, you look down on the character in an RPG view. This game is a sidescroller. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if the controls weren't BROKEN as hell. When you press the jump button, Zelda jumps straight up in the air and then moves over to one side. This is a pain when you have to jump from platform to platform, usually when Zelda tries to jump to safety; she tends to fall down into the pit of nastiness.

In order to move further through the levels, you will need the three main items: Lamp oil, rope and bombs. You can get these items from talking to a shopkeeper. And how do you talk to the shopkeeper? By STABBING him with your sword. This is how you talk to all of the characters in the game. You hit them and then another badly drawn cutscene happens.

To get to the point, you need rope to climb to higher ledges when there are no other way to get there. You need bombs to kill certain types of enemies and you need lamp oil to see through the dark areas of the game. And most importantly, you'll need rubies to get these vital items, because if you don't; you will have to kill some MORE boring enemies to get more rubies and then spend them on the items you need.

This idea gets far too complex and boring, therefore, this game is much better off switched off.

The Bottom Line

Nintendo definitely should've been far more careful about who they allowed to make Zelda games. If you are a fan of annoying and frustrating games, then by all means, get this game!

BUT, if you wish to live, then stay away from this broken and horrible experience. In the time that I was playing this game, I could've done many more useful things than this!

So, what does this game get? A meagre 0.9 out of 5