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Kids to Adults
ESRB Rating

Zelda's Adventure Credits

37 people (32 developers, 5 thanks)

Produced by Viridis

ProducerLee Barnes
DirectorAnna Roth
Production ExecutiveStephen Radosh
Interactive Story Creation and ScriptLee Barnes, David Cobb, Anna Roth, John Shannon, Christopher Thompson
Game and Technical DesignLee Barnes, Christopher Thompson
Art DirectionMichael Hagler
Lead Software Engineering and Sprite TechnologyRandy Casey
Software EngineeringMichael L. Stein, Eric Milota, Gavin James
World and Shrine GraphicsPei Ling Lee, Mark Rosenbluh, Sandy Mar
Character Graphics and AnimationScott Kravitz, Deborah Campbell
Video ProductionJames Belcher
Models and ProstheticsJason Bakutis
Zelda Theme and Interactive Music ScoreMark Andrade
Audio DesignJames Belcher
WardrobePatti Safian, Amanda Farrant
Production ManagementJanet Hahn
Production CoordinationDiane Burns, Susan Wassermann
CastingRoxanne Rogers
Production AssistantsMyles Davies, Richard Davis, Raz Havardi, James Bancroft
Special Thank YouAnnie Ward, Center Theatre Group, Patty Dufficy, Gretchen Keene, The Beings and Folk of Tolemac
Zelda MakeupCarlann Matz
ZeldaDiane Burns, Annie Ward
GaspraMark Andrade

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (250670)