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Good graphics and sound combined with shocking gameplay Windows Katakis | カタキス (39781)

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MacintoshMac Gamer (2001)
Centipede is definitely not perfect and it's not for everybody, but... no game needs to be perfect. You could not possibly ask for a more expert piece of work.
WindowsGamezilla (Jan 19, 1999)
Skip the Arcade game, unless you’re just buying it for the nostalgia, and go straight for the Adventure game. It’s very fast-paced and utterly addictive. The look and feel is very much like some of the newer console games out there (Mario 64, etc) and as a result, you may want to use a gamepad for your controller rather than a mouse. This new version has all the elements that made so many of the original arcade games so popular: simple, mindless, blast-the-bugs, save-the-cute-critters fun. Highly recommended for maturing Gen-Xers looking to recapture their youth, and younger kids raised on Nintendos and overly violent combat games who never had the original arcade experience.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Nov 26, 1998)
While not for everyone, those wanting simple, classic entertainment done up in 3D accelerated clothing, this is it. Overly hard and incredibly fun, Centipede may end up becoming a classic all over again.
WindowsGame Over Online (Oct 30, 1998)
In the end, Centipede is just as much a work of art as it is a game. It is well designed and well implemented and it stays true to the feel of the original game. If you've got a 3DFX card, this is a must-get. If you are stuck with D3D, it's still rock solid gameplay wise, so you really can't go wrong. Hasbro, put this team to work on another classic - they've got the touch of Midas.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Jul 05, 2001)
I realize many people are against updates or remakes, but from time to time the producers do actually achieve their goal of improving upon the original. Such is the case with Centipede. The group behind it took a decent arcade game and gave it three new dimensions, literally, while retaining the original in its basic form for the purists out there. If you like action/arcade games from any generation, you can't do much better than Centipede.
WindowsGameGenie (1998)
This game was a blast. Anyone who liked the original Centipede in any way will love this new, updated version. Atari really outdid themselves with their awesome graphics and sounds. The Arcade and Adventure options of play were really cool and refreshing, while the 3 different views in the Adventure mode were really fun. This game is a lot of fun, and I recommend it to every type of gamer out there who appreciates something simple but fun.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Dec 08, 1998)
This is my kind of game. It is beautiful, fast-moving, and a true arcade action experience. Centipede drastically exceeded my expectations in every aspect of its design and execution, and I can guarantee you that I will be playing it for many months to come. If all the games that have been dredged up from the 1980s had this kind of resuscitation, then the recent trend to bring back the golden oldies would make perfect sense. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a re-creation of a game from the last decade that is anywhere near as successful as this one in capturing the essence of the original while shooting the gameplay forward in amazing new directions. Centipede is thus a marvelous exception to the generally lackluster nature of these 1980s game revivals, and I sincerely hope that its commitment to both quality and innovation somehow manages to worm its way into other attempts to bring back the classics.
WindowsGame Revolution (Jan 01, 1999)
That aside, this is probably the best product of the recent retro gaming craze (Activision's BattleZone notwithstanding, it's nothing like the original). It manages to get everything that was right about the original and communicate that old classic flavor to the new audiences of the '90s. But then, it really is only an extension of an incredibly simple premise, so many gamers will find it tedious and dull. For the rest of us who don't mind thin manuals, load up this puppy dog and prepare to experience your childhood/teen years all over again, with extra lip-gloss and none of the bushy hairstyles.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (May, 1999)
Although most aspects of Centipede are pretty plain, it is still the same addictive game that it has always been. You can't help but get caught up trying to better your last score and avoid or kill those damned spiders. For any old Atari players out there, the Arcade version is a great porthole to the good ole days, while the Adventure mode is a welcome segway from a classic history to a new and exciting present and future. At $39.95 SRP it isn't that bad of a buy either. You're sure to get loads of enjoyment from the Arcade mode and plenty of challenge and excitement from the new Adventure mode. Overall I really enjoyed playing Centipede.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Mar, 1999)
While CENTIPEDE’s Arcade mode will likely cause you to turn off the computer in frustration and head to a real arcade, quarters in hand, the Adventure mode is worth a look. Its fast, original, challenging play, and is a worthy tribute to the arcade classic.
70 (1998)
Pro: Hoher Suchtfaktor, erweitertes Gameplay, Plattform-Intermezzi und zeitkritische Missionen.
Contra. Für manchen Geschmack vielleicht etwas zu hektisch, hoher Schwierigkeitsgrad.
Fazit: Ein liebevolles Zitat des Originals, das die Faszination des greisen Automaten in unsere Zeit herüberrettet. Anfangs steigt der Sucht-, später der Frustpegel.
WindowsPC Joker (Dec, 1998)
Grafisch wirkt die neue, alte Insektenplage wenig detailreich, kitzelt jedoch hübsch bunte Polygone und etwas Nebel aus einem 3Dfx-Beschleuniger. Die von putzigen Rendersequenzen umrahmten Missionen führen dabei durch sieben Welten, die in insgesamt 30 Levels unterteilt wurden. Von Wiesen über Eiswüsten bis zu den königlichen Höhlen erfreuen Techno-Rhythmen und ordentliche Soundeffekte die Ohren, während die simple Steuerung eigentlich nie Probleme bereitet. All das macht Centipede zumindest zu einem empfehlenswerten Pausenfüller - den via Netzwerk oder Internet auch zwei Kammerjäger gleichzeitig genießen können.
PlayStationConsoles Plus (Nov, 1999)
La différence avec la version originale (disponible dans le mode Arcade) est à peine visible ! Un véritable tour de force ! Le pire, c'est qu'en plus, c'est long à charger ! Acheter une Playstation pour jouer à des jeux Atari 2600... Ils nous prennent pour qui ?
WindowsPower Play (Dec, 1998)
Das grundsätzliche Problem bei der Neuauflage von Spielprinzipien, die bald 20 Jahre auf dem Buckel haben, ist, daß sich heutzutage meist nur noch Freaks dafür erwärmen können. die ihre Kindheit in der Spielhalle verbracht haben. Auch Centipede ist so ein Fall. Der Automat war wegen der spartanischen Hardware wenig abwechslungsreich, aber anno seinerzeit dennoch ein Münzgrab von hohem Suchtpotential. Heutzutage kräht jedoch kein Hahn mehr danach. Hasbro gelingt es zwar, die Thematik durch den Adventure-Modus aufzupeppen und mehr zu bieten als den selben alten Hut in 3D, für die Endneunziger genügt das aber leider nicht ganz. Übrig bleibt zum Schluß nämlich doch nur ein Ballerspiel ohne große Überraschungen und ohne die gewisse Spannung, die nötig wäre, sich länger als einen verregneten Nachmittag lang mit dem Titel zu beschäftigen. Hinzu kommt die unglücklich aufgemotzte, klassische Version. Für den Fan wäre die originale Automatenansicht sicher schöner gewesen.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Die Kombination »Kein einstellbarer Schwierigkeitsgrad, keine Speicher-Möglichkeit mittendrin« geht mir in Verbindung mit der hibbeligen Hektik dezent an die Nerven. Ab fünf Gegnern zugleich hört der Spaß auf. Leidensbereite Centipede-Kenner, bei denen die Reflexe auch im hohen Alter noch frisch sind, werden diese Neuauflage trotzdem zu schätzen wissen. Sie mischt geschickt Spieldesign-Grundlagen des alten Automaten mit 3D-Freiheiten und liebevollen Erweiterungen.
MacintoshMac Addict (Sep, 2001)
Despite its flaws, Centipede retains the simple, pulse-pounding gameplay that has carried it into its third decade of existence. While it's hardly the best game on the market right now, Centipede is cheap, addictive, and highly entertaining.
DreamcastAtari HQ (2000)
More so than any company that is actively updating its classics, Atari appears to be doing the best job of retaining the magic of the original while adding fresh new play elements, making for a game that pleases both the dedicated classic game fan and new players alike. While Centipede on Dreamcast is an improvement over its PlayStation counterpart, it still has enough flaws that prevent it from living up to its namesake.
PlayStationMega Fun (Nov, 1999)
Doch Hasbro hat der Neuauflage eine dritte Dimension spendiert, wodurch das einfache Spielprinzip des Originals etwas aufgepeppt wird. Neben der Vernichtung des Wurmes müsst ihr noch diverse kleine Aufträge, zum Beispiel Rettungsmissionen, ausführen. Als besonderes Schmankerl hat Hasbro das Original nochmal mit auf die CD gepresst.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Centipede gehört zu den Titeln, bei denen sich schon nach wenigen Sekunden das Spielprinzip herauskristallisiert - ballern, was das Zeug hält. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Oder doch? Genau, das Ausweichen vor den Gegnerhorden wurde beinahe vergessen. Ein Lichtblick ist der Kooperativ-Modus bei geteilter Bildschirmfläche oder der Netzwerkmodus, bei dem man mit willigen Freunden in den Kampf gegen das Böse zieht. Vergessen wir einmal gängige Schlagworte wie "wochenlange Motivation, hochintelligente Gegner und noch nie gesehene Spezialeffekte", so entsteht ein kurzweiliger aber dennoch eher kurzlebiger Spielspaß. Unter dem Strich eignet sich Centipede damit am ehesten noch für Nostalgiker mit einem Faible für niedliche 3D-Ansichten.
DreamcastRetro4Ever (Jun 25, 2012)
Overall, Centipede isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t all that great either. It is a mediocre title that provides some glimpses of the great game it was based from. A bonus for players is that the original Centipede is included on the disc, and you will probably spend as much time, if not more, playing that version. Centipede can be picked up very cheaply now days and I was able to snag my copy for just a buck. The title is a good library filler if you are looking for something different to try, just don’t expect it to be as charming and time consuming as the older release was.
DreamcastGameSpot (Dec 03, 1999)
Unfortunately, as with virtually all the classic games reborn on a current-day console, playing the new version of Centipede is really nothing like playing the original. What's really disappointing is that instead of shooting centipedes over and over, you could have instead been exploring a great 3D world and blasting away tons of cool enemies. But instead, Centipede tries too hard to latch on to the classic gaming experience, and it pulls what could have been a great 3D shooter into the hollows of the average.
PlayStationIGN (Jun 01, 1999)
I'm all for Hasbro remaking classic arcade games. It's not sacrilege to take an idea done in videogaming's golden age and up it to today's expectations, in fact, it makes fans of the originals appreciate what we had way back when. But, you have to do it right. Centipede is no "Frogger," thank god, but it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. And it's not a design problem, either ¿ the PC version run off a 3D accelerator is quite a fun game to watch and play. I'm glad Hasbro delayed this game to make it better, but it really doesn't look like the company salvaged much from the project.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Leider erscheint die Grafik trotz 3D-Unterstützung nicht mehr zeitgemäß; für Freunde netter, kurzweiliger Arcade-Action könnte sich ein Blick auf den Insekten-Shooter trotzdem lohnen.
PlayStationGameSpot (Jun 01, 1999)
What developers don't realize is that nostalgic gamers who still play classic arcade games play them because they enjoy the experience of playing with vector graphics with a simple control scheme and substandard sound. It's truly difficult to compare games of yesterday with games of today, as almost everything has changed technologically.
MacintoshmacHOME (2001)
Instead of the simple controls and straightforward gameplay of the original Centipede, this version gives you complicated controls that don’t mesh with the repetitive levels. While some will enjoy the style over substance, most should think twice before buying this game.
PlayStationVideo Games (Oct, 1999)
(PAL version)
Trotz drei Perspektiven, den klassischen Spinnen und anderen neuen und alten Bonusviechern ändert sich an eurer monotonen Aufgabe nichts, so dass man spätestens in der zweiten von vier Welten die Lust an Centipede verliert. Zumal das Spiel wirklich kinderleicht ist: Leben verliert man eigentlich nur durch Unachtsamkeit, Sound und Musik fallen in die Kategorie “an einem Tag zusammengeschustert“.
MacintoshAbout This Particular Macintosh (Mar, 2002)
I did not enjoy Centipede in its 3D Arcade version at all. The Adventure game was somewhat more interesting, but it wasn’t great. If the $5 price at isn’t a mistake, then I would consider it acceptable for the money. However, Ambrosia Software’s Centipede-like game, Apeiron, is more fun. Apeiron was created in 1995, but it still runs under OS 7-9 and doesn’t cause crashes. It sells for $15.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast (Jan 04, 2000)
The classic game resurrection mini-genre has seen a few hits (Tempest 2000, Defender 2000) and a few misses (Frogger, Pong, Sinistar). Sadly, Dreamcast Centipede is a shoe-in for the second group, on virtue of its crappy everything and astoundingly dull gameplay. This product makes me believe that Hasbro would do well sticking to action figures. They're pretty hard to screw up.
DreamcastIGN (Nov 22, 1999)
Whoever thought of taking the premise behind the classic Centipede arcade blaster and thrusting it into the 3D world should be shot. Well, I suppose if the game was any good, I wouldn't be complaining. But the game isn't good. It's boring and repetitive, and aside from a cool little background story and some funny cut scenes, lacks any real merit.
PlayStationVideo Games (Sep, 1999)
Selbst die drei Perspektiven (Top-Down, isometrisch und Ego) und die Beweglichkeit in alle Richtungen plus Strafing können nicht über Eintönigkeit hinwegtäuschen, die sich nach sechs bis sieben Leveln (insgesamt 23) monotonen Ballern einstellt. Es passiert einfach zu wenig Neues, die Feinde bleiben stets die Gleichen und sehr einfach ist‘s obendrein. Grafisch hat man sich mit klobigen Polygonen und Slowdowns beim Extrawaffeneinsatz auch nicht mit Ruhm bekleckert. Empfehlenswert deshalb nur für Nostalgiker, die sich vor allem an der Originalversion erfreuen werden.
WindowsCincinnati Enquirer (1999)
It’s billed as a first-person adventure, but you’ll soon discover the game can’t be played from this view. Attacks occasionally come from behind or overhead, making it impossible to defend when looking straight ahead. Fortunately, an over-the-shoulder view is made available. Without it, the game would be a complete wash. If you’re in desperate need of a Centipede fix, I suggest you grab a handful of quarters, find an old pizza parlor that’s hanging on to the meager revenue generated by the ’80s stand-up version and waste a couple of hours reliving the past. Just do so before playing the 1998 game. One taste of this one and you may never want to see Centipede again.
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic (Aug 31, 2000)
Many game companies like Hasbro seem to believe that if you take an old game and add fancy 3D graphics and digitized sound, it will be even better. Well, as we've seen time and time again, that is not the case, and Centipede is a prime example. This new 3D version looks good but the gameplay is much slower and far less exciting.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Jun, 1999)
what made the original Centipede so great? There was a sense of impending crisis that came from only a few pixels that was supposedly a centipede. With every shot from your little triangle-head, the centipede moved faster. It was clear, simple, fast and pulse-pounding. While the Centipede of old is great for my memories, this new Centipede isn't worth the price of admission.
PlayStationImperium Gier (Mar 10, 2000)
Cóż jeszcze mogę rzec? Może to, że Centipede w odświeżonej oprawie jest grą udaną ze względu na jej genialny w swej prostocie schemat, albo że potrafi nieźle wciągnąć. Z drugiej strony - jest to gra-przerywnik między poważniejszymi produkcjami i na pewno nie należy stawiać jej na równi z najnowszymi superprodukcjami. Osobiście uważam, że doskonale nadawałaby się na jeden z sub-questów w Final Fantasy VII lub VIII. Ma jednak prawo zainteresować zarówno starszych graczy, jak i tych całkiem świeżych. Wersja Arcade`owa dołączona do gry to raczej ciekawostka. Jeżeli FF7 oceniłbym na 10, Centipede z czystym sumieniem mogę ocenić na mocne 4.
I remember back when Centipede was lighting up arcades and I thought it was one of the toughest games I'd ever played. In the classic game, the biggest challenge, and the great fun, was eluding and blasting bugs, whereas with the PlayStation version the primary challenge is forcing yourself to play it. Ever since nabbing the license to reincarnate old arcade games, Hasbro hasn't proved they're up to the task. They messed up Frogger, and now they've managed to mangle Centipede even more.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Sep 03, 1999)
Well, it feels nothing like the old Centipede. You can now rotate your ship and move anywhere on the screen, but the pace is much slower and less exciting that the original. The analog control is reasonable, but the frame rate is poor and the chunky graphics look sloppy. The original 2D arcade version of Centipede is also included, and it's so superior that you wonder why Hasbro even attempted the upgrade. As with Frogger, Hasbro has fallen into the trap of trying to improve a game that was perfect to begin with.
DreamcastDefunct Games (Mar 04, 2006)
Really, no one should buy this game. If you like the original and you see this for 5 bucks, get it because it contains the game. (Could they have legally left it out? Namco certainly doesn't think so. Stupid Pac-Man.) Or you could buy an Atari collection that has it and get other good games. It may cost like 10 bucks more but it sure lasts longer.