Centurion: Defender of Rome Screenshots

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Amiga version

Main Title
On mouse click you can get info about any map territory or unit on a map.
The list of commands you can issue.
When upgrading your legion, all legions on the current territory will be listed.
Selecting a land to attack.
Being as eloquent as they were, no wonder peace was outta question.
After selecting the form your troops will acquire upon deployment, it's time to select a strategy to start with.
By clicking your mouse during the battle, it will halt and you'll be able to issue explicit commands to your cohorts as well as check condition of a single unit.
Selecting a chariot for a race.
Entertaining the crowd is the major thing to keep your people from the edge of chaos while you're conquering the lands.
Navigating a chariot may not be as easy as it may seem at first.
Even if you're interested in peace and alliances, there's tough luck awaiting you most of times.
Strategy means everything in this game. Take out the enemy commander and see troops' morale falling down.
Afterbattle statistics, even though Roman forces were outnumbered, it didn't affect the victory.
Colloseum, it is hard to believe such a picture can be done with no more than 16 colors.
Selecting your champion for gladiator battle.
The more skillful opponents are, the crown will be more amused.
By clicking on your officer, you can see the range in which you can control your troops.
Although sustaining heavy losses, taking out the enemy commander almost turned the battle in our favour.

DOS version

Opening shot 1
Opening shot 2
Title Screen
Opening Title - Rome present day
Starting Game
Negotiating with Dalmatia
Successful Treaty With Hispania
Negotiating with Parthia
Meeting Cleopatra
Battle scene
...and here come the chariots!
Behold....Circus Maximus!!!
Choose your gladiator hero!
That race didn't turn out so well...the ambulance even left you for dead. Ouch.
The Roman Empire rules the waves!
Victorious at the seas!
That Snow Leopard looks hungry...
Mercy or Death?

FM Towns version

Title screen
The female wolf is bringing up Romulus and Remus
Main map
City menu
Sending your army to conquer lands
Meeting a hostile tribe
Battle commands
Frontal assault
Political decisions
Your army is running away!
You have to take care of your soldiers
Maybe this formation will help

Genesis version

Doing things in Rome
All kinds of chariots
Before a battle
After a battle

PC-98 version

Title screen
Nice intro :) Romulus, Rem, and the female wolf :)
Main in-game menu
Map of Italy and surroundings
Preparing for battle!
Frontal assault
Rome is being threatened by two countries
Trying a side manoeuvre...
Elephants! Wow!..
Uh-oh, that ain't right...