Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - Genesis (US):


    "Darkness falls upon the land as I await the return of the visions that have haunted my nights. Many years have passed since my arrogance doomed me to this life I now live, for I am condemned to walk the countryside until I can overcome the visions that keep me from my rest...

    I can rely on only my swords and my knowledge of alchemy to release me from these bonds of time."
    • Slash out with Chakan's double flaming swords and incredible spinning attacks. Your weapons are alchemy and immense power. Your enemies are the inhuman Royalty of Supernatural Horror.

    • 12 mystic alchemies conjure up psychic passageways to travel through time a space and create potions of invisibility.

    • Dive through punishing mazes, battling the fire-breathing zombies.

    • Float under a fiend-filled sea and hack away at the Dragonfly King and his hideous Castle of Monsters.

    Contributed by Tracy Poff (2025) on Nov 09, 2006.