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PlayStationPSX Nation (Mar 20, 2000)
EA has provided gamers with one of the most complete fishing sims yet. However in the end it fails to produce the most important factor that a game like Get Bass offers, which is of course fun. If you want a serious fishing game, though, you can't go wrong here.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Apr, 2000)
EA's first venture into the world of bass fishin' does lack the real lakes and big name fishin' pros, but it more than makes up for this with great playcontrol and authentic hoggin' tactics.
PlayStationIGN (Mar 10, 2000)
This game has it all -- unbelievably smart fish, loads of modes and options, fun gameplay, solid graphics, and good music all piled on top of EA's polished presentation (the 3D title screen is a great touch). If you are looking for a fishing game in the sea of choices on the PSX, you can't go wrong with EA's offering. In my opinion, it's the best fishing game on the system.
Windowsincite PC Gaming (Jul, 2000)
With more lakes, stronger tournament and career modes, and better video performance (the game can be sluggish on systems that far exceed the requirements), Championship Bass could be the biggest fish in the PC pond. As it stands, Championship Bass is an extremely promising - and entertaining - first effort that you, like us, may like for totally different reasons than you like Trophy Bass 4.
PlayStationGameSpot (Mar 27, 2000)
Still, the gameplay features outweigh Championship Bass' flaws. Although it lacks enough bells and whistles to snag mainstream gamers who aren't into the sport, it packs enough excitement to warrant long-term commitment by fishing fans. If Electronic Arts had fixed the game's graphics glitches, fine-tuned its control responsiveness, and removed its awful country "twang" music, it would have jumped from merely decent to excellent in a heartbeat. Regardless of the flaws, only fishy folks like Cid will have reason to complain.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jun 27, 2000)
While it isn’t so strategic that it can be considered a simulation, Championship Bass isn’t so purely arcade-based that it can truly be considered an action title either. Rather, the game finds itself within a sort of middle ground, and as such appears to be opening up the market to novices and casual anglers who know very little about the sport and have no particular care for realism. Unfortunately, certain issues such as repetitiveness, poor sound and disappointing multiplayer sap any degree of longevity that this offering might have had. As entertaining as it may be, Championship Bass proves to be little more than a flash in the pan, its style outliving its substance.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (2000)
In conclusion, Championship Bass is a great game for a group of people that love fishing. The slow pace and soft music might not appeal to a lot of gamers, but I think the game is specifically designed for those who like to fish. If you don't like fishing, this may be a great way to get you into the sport...providing you have enough patience.