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WindowsTotalVideoGames (TVG) (Sep 14, 2009)
It's taken Eidos and Beautiful Game Studios five games to do it, but they've finally produced a well rounded football management game that gives as good as it gets against its high profile rival. Not only are there a wide range of original ideas in this latest Champ Man title, but the game also recreates levels of addiction that we haven't seen in the series since Champ Man 03/04. Bravo, BGS.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Mar 09, 2010)
Even if soccer isn't your sport, the mechanics are solid, the visuals are excellent, and the content is only limited by your imagination. Want to take control of the highest-ranked team in the highest league of the world? Sure! Just pick it as your starting club. Want to start from the worst team in the lowest league and build it up to a powerhouse? You can do that too! No matter what you choose, the experience is highly entertaining.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Oct 28, 2009)
Wie er zich nooit aan gewaagd heeft, zal niet begrijpen hoe verslavend dit kan zijn. Een kanjer van een game!
WindowsGame Watcher (Dec, 2009)
For all that depth then, CM2010 is remarkably solid under the hood, and that’s what will really see it through in the long-run. As a much-needed reboot of the series, it’s a pleasure to discover a game that manages to match the very best that the competition can offer, and even find the time to throw a few curve balls in the process. As a cheap digital download it’s an absolute steal, and as a full-price retail game the value still far outweighs the price. Recommended.
WindowsGirl Gamers UK (Sep 18, 2009)
The game has made great improvements over the last incarnation, and can finally provide some competition for the other big football management game. As with all games of this genre, it can be confusing and overwhelming to new players. However, CM2010 puts on a welcoming smile, with an easy to navigate interface, wonderful presentation and some great tutorials for beginners. The attention to detail can be experienced throughout the game. A must buy for fans of the genre and a great place to start for newcomers.
80 (UK) (Sep 11, 2009)
For the first time, the Championship Manager series is a viable alternative to Football Manager. While it may still be lagging behind in a number of departments - most notably match realism and its almost non-existent player, media, fan and board interaction features - CM10's attempts to innovate must be applauded, and the majority of its refinements are either solid additions or real winners. The game is not without its faults and glitches and only just scrapes an 8 - but if you're looking for an entertaining and slightly different skew on the Football Manager template and an experience that's more forgiving and accessible than FM09, then this might be exactly what you've been waiting for.
80 (Sep 10, 2009)
Championship Manager 2010 si propone come un salto di qualità non indifferente rispetto alle precedenti versioni. Lo sviluppo biennale del gioco si fa sentire, soprattutto per quanto riguarda l’ampia personalizzazione, sia tattica che in fase di allenamento, che propone al giocatore, con alcune interessanti novità come la creazione degli schemi da palla ferma e l’ottimo motore 3D che ci consente di visualizzare le partite in modo piacevole e vario. Solo alcuni piccoli difetti non gli permettono di affermarsi come "must buy", nonostante si stagli nell'universo ludico PC-ista come una produzione di alto livello. Un gioco consigliato senza dubbio a tutti gli appassionati, visto anche l’esiguo prezzo di vendita, e una realizzazione tecnica più che discreta.
80 (Sep 08, 2009)
Dopo 5 anni Championship Manager può finalmente confrontarsi con sè stesso, o meglio con il titolo che lo ha inconsapevolmente generato, senza uscirne malconcio. Lievemente meno bilanciato offre un comparto tecnico di maggior spessore e ci regala, come chicca, la possibilità di provare sul campo gli schemi di gioco. Purtroppo mancano completamente elementi di contorno e la navigazione attraverso i menu è ancora troppo macchinosa, ma il risultato ottenuto da Beautiful Game Studios resta comunque notevole.
WindowsAceGamez (Sep 11, 2009)
Football management games have now come so far that we no longer really speak of the stacks of leagues, hundreds of teams and thousands of players they include. These are all taken as a given. CM 2010 even comes with the option to sign up for CM Season Live, another new feature in which you’ll receive monthly, real-world updates throughout the course of the year. It’s yet another feather in the cap of a series that’s now performing at international level; providing a wide range of options that compliment each other well, resulting in a more cohesive whole that’s now a true alterative to Football Manager. The respect campaign for Championship Manager 2010 starts right here.
80 (Oct 12, 2009)
Estamos finalmente de volta aos bons velhos tempos de Champioship Manager. É claro que o jogo continua com problemas inerentes às versões anteriores, sendo a dificuldade da navegação pelos menus o que mais salta à vista. Mas esta nova versão é uma lufada de ar fresco para este franchise que nos últimos anos tem vindo a perder a batalha contra o rival Football Manager. Há que dar crédito à Eidos por ter decidido adiar a versão deste ano, pois a espera foi benéfica.
WindowsTotal PC Gaming (Sep 07, 2009)
The harsh truth remains that it still lives in the shadow of its rival, even if Championship Manager 2010 – particularly with its impressive highlights engine – manages to land a good few solid punches, and gives the Sports Interactive team something to genuinely mull over. For Championship Manager is now in the finest shape it’s been in for half a decade, and there are more solid foundations for next year’s edition to be built on. But the task it ultimately faces shows no sign of getting any easier.
70 (Nov 12, 2009)
Championship Manager: Mi Entrenador 2010 no es un mal juego, es algo que tiene que quedar claro. El elevado número de opciones que nos ofrece a la hora de probar todo tipo de tácticas, su colosal base de datos y sus opciones de gestión económica del club lo convierten en una propuesta muy interesante para los amantes del género y en conjunto supone un avance respecto a las ediciones anteriores. Pero dentro del contexto de un género con unas expectativas tan altas –por el pasado del mismo pero también por el presente– quizá no sea el candidato favorito para llevarse el triplete. Aunque ya se sabe... El futbol es futbol.
WindowsInsideGamer (Sep 19, 2009)
Championship Manager 2010 doet sommige dingen goed, andere dingen minder. Met Prozone, CM Season Live en de mogelijkheid om uitgebreid op dode spelmomenten te trainen introduceert het enkele interessante nieuwigheden die ontbreken bij soortgelijke games. Het loopt echter ook achter op veel gebieden, waardoor de game wellicht niet het gehoopte wonder is dat de serie volledig terug op de kaart zet.
70 (Sep 30, 2009)
Championship Manager 2010 is een aardig simulatiespel. Het kent, naast de gebruikelijke aspecten, enkele interessante opties. De Prozone-optie verschaft je alle mogelijke informatie over een gespeelde wedstrijd en via Season Live zijn maandelijks de teamgegevens de verversen. Het ontbreekt echter vooral aan finesse en afwerking om de concurrentie met de top uit het genre aan te kunnen gaan.
70 (Oct 01, 2009)
Championship Manager 2010 is the most disappointing entry in the series we've ever played, but it's also the best in years. Certain areas are so good that the often broken match engine is incredibly hard to take. At times things click in a way that shows just what CM2010 could have been, but then it all comes crashing down to earth as your right back plays a suicidal ball across the width of the pitch as three attackers are storming through the middle. Your heart sinks and all the effort just doesn't seem worth it. That's a feeling you get a lot while pretending to be a football manager, but usually it doesn't feel quite so unfair.
WindowsVandal Online (Sep 10, 2009)
Es probable que Championship Manager no logre destronar a sus competidores este año, pero sí sea una alternativa satisfactoria que mantiene características que hoy se le exigen ya a cualquier manager (como las charlas con los jugadores, las estadísticas de cada jugador tras cada jornada de liga y las reacciones de la prensa) e inicia nuevas e interesantes líneas en la gestión de fútbol a falta de detalles que faltan por comprobar como CM Season Live y otros en los que Beautiful Game Studios debe seguir trabajando.
WindowsTeletext (2009)
Almost all of the game's most serious problems can be blamed on a lack of feedback for the choices you make. If you manually check through the stats you can usually trace the results, but when the game manages to keep it a secret that your entire squad hates your guts you know something's wrong. Overall, though, this is a real phoenix from the flames and will hopefully prove that competition is good for all.
WindowsBoomtown (Sep 25, 2009)
CM2010 is certainly the best game developed by BGS. But it still has a long way to go if it wishes to break the dominance of Football Manager. With the very long loading times, and no way of knowing how long you’ll be waiting for due to the lack of any progress bar, a horrible menu layout, plus the fact ProZone is still being used, despite me still not being able to find any actual use for it, CM 2010 is a Football Manager beater, but only if it was 2005, not 2010.
WindowsGameSpot UK (Sep 17, 2009)
While Championship Manager 2010 is not the triumphant return to form that had been hoped, it is showing signs that it could once again challenge for the title if the details that have derailed it this campaign are addressed. The game looks and feels much better on the surface than in previous years and is--for the first time in a long time--showing serious promise for the future, despite falling short this time around.